“All Of Us Are Dead” But 10 Years Later? Here Are The Actors Netizens Want To See In A Future Season

The hype of Netflix‘s newest craze All of Us Are Dead is far from over, as netizens all over the globe continue to talk about the thrilling zombie series. As discussions for a potential season two circulates online, one particular netizen decided to take the matters into their own hands by making a fan-made All of Us Are Dead season—for 10 years later. So let’s take a look at the different casting choices!

 1. Nam On Jo

Actress Park Ji Hoo as Nam On Jo | Netflix

First up, we have the main female lead Nam On Jo, who is played by actress Park Ji Hoo. The reserved, but strong character fought her way through all of the zombies, all while making sure to hang onto her closest and dearest friends along the way. 10 years later, netizens want to see On Jo played by…

Actress Kim Ji Won | @입덕할래/Facebook

…the one and only actress Kim Ji Won, and we can totally see why! The synchronicity between the two actresses’ visuals are hard to ignore, as Kim Ji Won looks like an older version of Nam On Jo. Along with the photos, the Facebook netizen captioned each picture with a message, and future On Jo’s read, “Cheong San…I came back to this place to find you. Where are you?”

2. Jang Ha Ri

Actress Ha Seung Ri playing Jang Ha Ri | Netflix


Next up, we have the cool female archer, Jang Ha Ri. Ha Ri, who is played by actress Ha Seung Ri, became a crowd favorite early on with her cool, stoic personality. She defeated dozens of zombies with her accurate bow and arrow skills, as she would go to become one of the heroines of the series.


Netizens want to see Jang Ha Ri come back in a future adaptation of the series, played by…

Actress Yoon Se Ah | @입덕할래/Facebook

…the acting queen that is Yoon Se Ah! Again, the resemblance is out of this world, as the two actresses both have feminine, but cool features that exude an untouchable elegance. The future Jang Ha Ri was also provided with a message that read, “I think fighting with a bow and arrow was probably too much. I’m a nationally ranked archery athlete now.”

3. Choi Nam Ra

Actress Cho Yi Hyun playing Choi Nam Ra | Netflix

Our favorite class president Choi Nam Ra is next on this netizen-curated list. Choi Nam Ra, played by actress Cho Yi Hyun, was another fan favorite from the zombie thriller series, as netizens requested more from the character for the upcoming season. And while an additional season has not been confirmed by the production team, netizens believe that…

Actress Jeon Yeo Bin | @입덕할래/Facebook

Vincenzo actress Jeon Yeo Bin would make a perfect future Choi Nam Ra. Their attractive monolid eyes and pale complexions make it hard to differentiate between the two! Knowing Jeon Yeo Bin’s impressive acting abilities, we just know she’d portray the cold Choi Nam Ra perfectly.

Choi Nam Ra’s casting photo came with a message to all of her classmates, as she relayed this message, “you guys came back. I’ve been settling well in this place and I have been leading others here. Don’t worry about me.”

4. Lee Su Hyeok

Actor Solomon Park playing Lee Su Hyeok | Netflix

Character Lee Su Hyeok is another casting that netizens want to see back in a future season of the show. Actor Solomon Park, who played the hunky lead, captivated viewers with his massive eyes, tan skin, and gentleman-like qualities. And who better to portray Lee Su Hyeok in 10 years than…

Actor Lee Dong Gun | @입덕할래/Facebook

…veteran actor Lee Dong Gun. With the same huge eyes and tan skin, Lee Dong Gun would make a perfect adult Lee Su Hyeok in the future, if All of Us Are Dead were to get renewed for another season. If you’re wondering what his message says, look no further. Th netizen in charge of this list made sure to keep the romance alive, as the message was fully addressed to none other than his love interest, Choi Nam Ra.

Class President…I mean, Nam Ra. I’m sorry I left you by yourself for 10 years. I won’t leave you anymore.

5. Lee Na Yeon

Actress Lee Yoo Mi playing Lee Na Yeon | Netflix

The rich villain Lee Na Yeon is another character that viewers want to see in a future remake. Played by Lee Yoo Mi, the selfish character was loathed by all viewers who couldn’t wait to see her gone. And while the talented Lee Yoo Mi did an amazing job portraying this villain, netizens believed that…

Actress Jeon So Min | @입덕할래/Facebook

Running Man‘s Jeon So Min would be a great fit for a future Lee Na Yeon—and we agree! The two actresses have very similar visual features, such as their pretty eyes and perfect v-line face shape, so it’s no wonder that netizens saw a resemblance as well.

And if Lee Na Yeon could say anything to her fellow classmates in 10 years time, this is what she would have to say: “Are you guys still blaming me? Gyeong Su was really a zombie.”

6. Lee Cheong San

Actor Yoon Chan Young playing Lee Cheong San | Netflix

Last, but not least we have the main male character, Lee Cheong San. The brave character, portrayed by actor Yoon Chan Young, led his fellow classmates through the unknown terrains of their zombie infested high school. His fight and persistence were praised, as viewers loved his leadership. And who would have the honor of playing this role in a 10-years-later adaptation?

Min Kyung Hoon | @입덕할래/Facebook

It’s none other than Min Kyung Hoon! While there aren’t many similarities between the two stars, there is an odd familiarity. And don’t worry, the netizen provided yet, another message from a future Cheong San but this time, it’s filled with a lot of comedic elements taken from Min Kyung Hoon’s song, “Thorn.”

On Jo your memories~~~~ is like a past love~~~~
Please become a thorn that digs into me~~~~
On Jo, please hurry and rescue me….

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