“All Of Us Are Dead” Park Solomon Talks About His Uzbekistan Roots

Young actor Park Solomon is steadily gaining a legion of fans through Netflix‘s All Of Us Are Dead. He played the heartthrob of the school, Soo Hyuk. His onscreen with class president Nam Ra, as played by Cho Yi Hyun, was a hot topic.

While he’s been in the industry for a long time as a child actor, not many know about him yet. He talked about his unique roots through an interview with Ilgan Sports on February 10, 2022. The star was born in Uzbekistan, something that surprised many fans.

Park Solomon is what many call a Koryo Person (Koryo-in). This refers to the ethnic Koreans that moved to the Russian Empire in the early 19th century. Currently, there are around half a million ethnic Koreans living in the former Soviet Union. Many of these Koryo-ins believe they are Koreans and are loyal towards Korea rather than where they are currently residing.

Park Solomon freely talked about his roots and birth. He shared that although he was born in Uzbekistan to parents that grew up in Uzbekistan as Koryo-ins, he identifies as a Korean.


It is true that I was born in Uzbekistan and I am the descendant of a Koryo-in and I am also a Korean person. I never felt that I was part of a multi-cultural family in Korea. I am thankful to the many people from all over the world that are interested in me. I graduated elementary, middle and high school in South Korea and I never felt that my upbringing was unique.


— Park Solomon

Park Solomon moved back to South Korea with his family during his elementary school days and has since been living there. With the global popularity of All Of Us Are Dead, Russian fans had taken an interest in his Uzbekistan roots.

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