All Pokémon GO TCG Playing cards Confirmed So Far

The Pokémon Buying and selling Card Sport’s collaboration with Pokémon GO is releasing in July, right here is each Pokémon card confirmed thus far for the TCG set.

New particulars concerning the Pokémon Buying and selling Card Sport‘s collaboration with Pokémon GO have been revealed, and the TCG growth is full of unbelievable playing cards and uncommon collectibles. The challenge was first teased in 2021 with the announcement of the Professor Willow Pokémon Card, which was given out as a promotional merchandise to gamers who purchased Pokémon GO merchandise on the Pokémon Heart web site. After months of silence, The Pokémon Firm has revealed many playing cards that will probably be within the Pokémon GO TCG set.

The Pokémon GO TCG growth formally releases on Friday, July 1, 2022, and can launch with a handful of merchandise. The growth is a particular subset of the Sword and Protect TCG collection and can embrace Pokémon Playing cards that includes Pokémon GO characters equivalent to the long-lasting leaders from Group Intuition, Group Mystic, and Group Valor. Not like Japan although, the Worldwide launch of the Pokémon GO TCG won’t promote booster packs individually. So collectors must purchase particular Pokémon Card product bundles to get their arms on the set.


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Though the Pokémon GO TCG collaboration has a lot Pokémon card paintings that also must be revealed, The Pokémon Firm has already introduced a big portion of the growth setlist. Whereas many of the playing cards are understandably centered round Pokémon GO, the set can even embrace uncommon VSTAR and Radiant Pokémon playing cards as effectively. In line with the Pokémon TCG website, PokéBeach Niantic is planning to take the collaboration additional by launching the Pokemon GO at League program. The promotional program will embrace particular TCG and GO distributions at collaborating Pokémon Leagues. So there’ll doubtless be extra Pokémon playing cards added to the set at a later date.

All Pokémon GO TCG Pokémon Playing cards Confirmed So Far

All Pokemon GO TCG Cards Confirmed So Far Set List

The whole variety of playing cards that will probably be accessible within the Pokémon GO TCG remains to be unknown, however the setlist has already expanded considerably because it was revealed in February. Whereas a bulk of the Pokémon Playing cards had been included in The Pokémon Firm’s announcement, a handful of extra playing cards have been revealed by product listings on numerous retail websites. Under is a breakdown of each Pokémon Card confirmed thus far for the Pokémon GO TCG collaboration.

Pokémon GO TCG Setlist Confirmed So Far

  • Alolan Exeggutor V 
  • Magikarp
  • Gyarados
  • Pikachu
  • Mewtwo V
  • Mewtwo VSTAR
  • Meltan
  • Melmetal
  • Melmetal V
  • Melmetal VMAX
  • Chansey
  • Dragonite VSTAR
  • Blissey
  • Eevee
  • Radiant Eevee
  • Radiant Venusaur
  • Radiant Blastoise
  • Radiant Charizard
  • Snorlax
  • Aipom
  • Ambipom
  • Lure Module
  • Candela
  • Spark
  • Blanche
  • PokéStop 
  • Candela (Full Artwork Coach Card)
  • Spark (Full Artwork Coach Card)
  • Blanche (Full Artwork Coach Card)

Pokémon GO TCG Radiant Pokémon And Radiant Pokémon Playing cards

All Pokemon GO TCG Cards Confirmed So Far VSTAR and Radiant Pokemon Cards

The rarest Pokémon playing cards within the Pokémon GO TCG would be the uncommon VSTAR playing cards that made their debut within the Sensible Stars TCG growth in February. The highly effective mechanic has already had a serious affect on the TCG aggressive scene, such because the Arceus VSTAR card which has dominated {many professional} tournaments. So the Pokémon GO TCG set that includes a VSTAR Mewtwo is a very massive deal. The particular Sword and Protect subset might embrace much more extra VSTARs as effectively, as a Dragonite VSTAR card has already been confirmed by the Pokémon GO Elite Coach Field packaging.

For collectors, the Radiant Eevee Pokémon card goes to be a large merchandise that followers will wish to scoop up. The brand new Radiant mechanic is set to debut within the upcoming Pokémon Astral Radiance TCG growth, however the Pokémon GO TCG collaboration goes to develop it in a giant approach. In line with TCG outlet PokeGuardian, the Pokémon GO TCG set can even embrace Radiant Charizard, Radiant Blastoise, and Radiant Venusaur Pokémon Playing cards. The favored Kanto Starters’ inclusion within the growth will doubtless make it a large hit with each collectors and followers when its debuts in July.

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