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‘American Horror Story’ Seasons 1-8 Set to Leave Netflix UK in March 2022

seasons 1 8 of american horror story leaving netflix uk in march 2022jpgIt’s a flurry of blows against the Netflix UK library in March 2022. Not only will the library be losing all six of the Marvel Netflix shows, but all eight seasons of the beloved horror anthology, American Horror Story, will also be leaving in March 2022.

Over the past decade Ryan Murphy’s anthology horror series, American Horror Story, has been one of the most popular shows on television, and one of the standouts shows available to stream on many Netflix libraries. In fact, it goes without saying that Netflix has played a massive contribution to the show’s popularity outside of the US.

The first 2 seasons of America Horror Story first arrived on Netflix UK in 2014. The release of each subsequent season would then later arrive on Netflix UK annually, up until the eighth season, which has been available since September 2019.

When is American Horror Story leaving Netflix UK?

The eight seasons of American Horror Story that are available to stream on Netflix UK will leave the library on March 1st, 2022.

Why is American Horror Story leaving Netflix UK?

To put it simply, the streaming license that Netflix UK had for the series is coming to an end and is unlikely to be renewed.

The reason why the series is unlikely to be renewed is due to Netflix’s competitor Disney+. Since Disney’s acquisition of Fox in March 2019, and the release of Disney+ in November 2019, efforts have been ramped up to remove any licensed content and return it to the Disney brand.


Where can I stream American Horror Story next?

As you may have guessed by now the next streaming service you will be able to stream American Horror Story is Disney+.


At the time of publishing Disney+ only has the ninth and tenth seasons of American Horror Story in its library. Once the eight seasons on Netflix UK leave then Disney+ will have a total of ten seasons available to stream.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming removal of American Horror Story from Netflix UK? Let us know in the comments below!

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