Ancient Detective (2020)

Ancient Detective Poster
Ancient Detective Poster
Drama Info:

Title: Ancient Detective (侠探简不知) Xia Tan Jian Bu Zhi
Episodes: 24
Release Date: April 8, 2020
Film Location: Hengdian
Summary: The drama follows the amnesiac detective Jian Bu Zhi who embarks on a quest to find the truth and unmask his father’s killer. Along the way, he finds a love interest and a good friend who work hand in hand with him to solve mysterious cases.

Plot Synoposis:

A story about how youths of the jianghu grew into a generation of heroes. Shen Ji Valley is the organization responsible for solving crimes in the jianghu.

Eight years ago, as a result of a bloody battle, Jian Jin Huan, the leader of Shen Ji Valley, died. His only son, Jian Bu Zhi, was also seriously injured and lost all his memories. The culprit of the tragedy remains unknown.

Evidence shows that four of the parties involved in the massacre were still alive. They were Han Yue Mountain’s Li Er Ye, Yan State’s Bai Cao Zhe, Chang Le’s ingenious Tang, and Liao Dong’s boss Wang.

Jian Bu Zhi embarks on a journey of finding out the truth of the tragedy. Along the way, he and his partners offer justice and repeatedly solve mystery cases.

Jian Bu Zhi gradually becomes empathetic, wise and courageous, and learns the value of love and sacrifice. He is no longer the cold young detective at the beginning of his journey. He becomes the same as his father, who is well-known in the jianghu.

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Cast & Characters:
Yu Ji Wei
Yu Ji Wei

Yu Ji Wei 于济玮 as Jian Bu Zhi 简不知
He is wise. Embarks on finding out the truth about his father’s death.

Wang Yan Yang
Wang Yan Yang

Wang Yan Yang 王燕阳 as Zhao Wo Hai 赵我还
A skilled warrior.

Wang Ruo Shan
Wang Ruo Shan

Wang Ruo Shan 王若珊 as Zhan Shi Qi 展十七
Puts up a cold exterior.

Ma Ze Han
Ma Ze Han

Ma Ze Han 马泽涵 as Ming Yue 明月
Gentle and kind-hearted.

Drama Posters:
Ancient Detective Still 1
Ancient Detective Still 1
Ancient Detective Still 2
Ancient Detective Still 2
Ancient Detective Still 3
Chinese Drama Ancient Detective Still 3
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Chinese Drama Ancient Detective Still 4
Airing Schedule

Start: April 8, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Wednesday & Thursday
End: May 14, 2020

Ancient Detective Airing Calendar
Ancient Detective Airing Calendar

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