Antique Bureau Midgame (2020)

Antique Bureau Midgame Poster
Antique Bureau Midgame Poster
Drama Info:

Title: Antique Bureau Midgame (古董局中局之鉴墨寻瓷) Gu Dong Ju Zhong Ju Zhi Jian Mo Xun Ci
Episodes: 36
Release Date: May 10, 2020
Film Location: China
Summary: The drama follows Xu Yuan as he continues tracking down the antique counterfeit group “Old Chao Feng”. Unexpectedly, he discovers that the “Qingming River Picture” collected by the National Palace Museum is a fake and has to team up with “Old Chao Feng” to find the truth. The newly emerged five pots of blue and white porcelain become a key part in revealing the true identity of “Old Chao Feng”.

Plot Synoposis:

After carrying on the shame of his grandfather being a traitor, Xu Yuan makes up his mind to track down antique fraud group, “Old Chao Feng”. Though he wishes to investigate alone, Xu Yuan’s girlfriend, Huang Yanyan helps.

During his investigation, Xu Yuan learns that the “Qingming River” collection in the National Palace Museum are fake. This is a trap setup by the Hong Kong auction company Bai Rui Lian, which intends to monopolize the domestic antique and fake market.

Xu Yuan has no choice but to join forces with Old Chao Feng. Together with Yao Buran, he proves that the Forbidden City had concealed the original product. But, Old Chao Feng was sly and did not show up and keep their end of the bargain as promised.

Xu Yuan and Huang Yanyan goes through all kinds of hardships and dangers, as they compete with Old Chao Feng for the five pots of blue and white porcelain. With the help of undercover agent Yao Buran, they uncover the mystery behind the five porcelain pots and reveal that Shen Yuchen is the one behind Old Chao Feng.

At last, the counterfeit group that has been passed down for five thousand years is brought down. Xu Yuan clears his family name and eliminates the danger facing the antique industry.

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Cast & Characters:
Xia Yu
Xia Yu

Xia Yu 夏雨 as Xu Yuan 许愿
Owner of Si Hui Zhai, a small antique shop in Panjiayuan, Beijing. Xu Yuan is the descendant of the Xu family, one of the most prestigious “five plum” families in the antiques industry. In order to get rid of Old Chao Feng, a counterfeit group, he battles the group and brings them down from the inside, solving the mystery of the “Qingming River” collection.

Wei Chen
Wei Chen

Wei Chen 魏晨 as Yao Buran 药不然
Xuanzimen pharmacist, known as the second lord of medicine. He is born in the Xuanzimen family, who is one of the five groups of the Ancient Society. Yao Buran is handsome and funny, good at using science to determine an antique’s authenticity. Seemingly cynical, in fact, he has his own reasoning and judgment.

A Li Ya
A Li Ya

A Liya 阿丽亚 as Huang Yanyan 黄烟烟
The successor of the Huang family, one of the five plum families in the antique industry. She is the granddaughter of Huang Kewu. Yanyan is decisive and gets things done quickly. Her sharp eyes and casual headgear make her look calm but powerful. Huang Kewu sent her to help Xu Yuan find the truth about the Buddha’s head case.

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Antique Bureau Midgame Still 1
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Antique Bureau Midgame Still 2
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Antique Bureau Midgame Still 6
Airing Schedule

Start: May 10, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Monday to Wednesday
End: June 17, 2020

Antique Bureau Midgame Airing Calendar
Antique Bureau Midgame Airing Calendar

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