Apink’s Bomi Came To Spill The Tea About Her Close Friend MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

Apink recently went on Idol Radio to promote their new comeback, “Horn,” and ended up having plenty of fun with MONSTA X‘s Joohoney and Hyungwon, who host the radio show together.

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While the members from both groups all seemed to get along, fans were particularly delighted by the great friendship between Apink’s Bomi and Hyungwon, who have been friends for a long time.

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In fact, they are so close that Bomi spent a good amount of time hilariously exposing Hyungwon in different ways, from his Instagram pictures to claiming that he’s actually wilder than Joohoney.

Bomi and Hyungwon’s friendship started off just as comically, with Bomi claiming that they initially bonded over a shared concern: atopic dermatitis. That friendship certainly seems to have grown a lot since then, with Bomi now saying that she considers Hyungwon a very reliable friend.


That is probably the reason why, when asked about what they normally talk about together, Bomi jokingly threatened to ‘expose’ Hyungwon.

But then, of course, she really did. Bomi came for Hyungwon’s Instagram habits, teasing him for going to great lengths just to take some natural-looking ‘boyfriend concept’ photos.

Funnily enough, Hyungwon’s Instagram profile is indeed filled with ‘boyfriend concept’ photos.

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Then she revealed his ‘true personality,’ joking that it’s a shame that MONBEBES don’t know that Hyungwon is actually ‘wilder’ than Joohoney.

Of course, Hyungwon teased right back, hilariously correcting her when she confused two of MONSTA X’s songs.

But at the end of the day, Bomi claimed that Hyungwon was a true friend whom she feels she can count on, even when other people come and go.

She even added that she often watches MONSTA X because of Hyungwon, and that she and the members of Apink even went to their concert!

There were plenty warm expressions of mutual support between their groups (with another little joke thrown Hyungwon’s way)…

…and plenty of funny moments while dancing!

All in all, Apink’s visit to Idol Radio was full of fun and wholesome moments, right down to the way Jooheon’s ears reddened at one point. We can’t wait for Apink’s next visit to the show, if at least to see more of Bomi and Hyungwon’s great friendship!

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