Are Jarrette And Iyanna Still Together? Where Are Jarrette And Iyanna Now?

Jarrette And Iyanna

Jarette and Iyanna met on the set of Love Is Blind. When they were on the show, they had all the serious conversations on family life, future expectations and on past trauma. Fans expected them to stay together until the end of the episode. Unfortunately, his connection with Mallory Zapata was stronger. They spoke about it and eventually decided that they would get married. 


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Are Jarrette And Iyanna Still Together?

There is no confirmation on whether or not they are together now. The second season of the show has not finished yet, so there is no news on whether or not the couple have chosen to remain together. The couple are on friendly terms, they both follow each other on Instagram. However, it is also known that Jarrette had a very strong connection with Mallory. There are chances that the connection could have caused problems in their relationship. 

Jarrette Jones

Jerrette Jones is best known for being one of the contestants on the show Love Is Blind from Netflix. Jarrette was very open with Iyanna and that made her feel comfortable with him. She also spoke about her life and experiences. Jarrette is 32 years old. He was born in November 1989. He has gone to college for Business administration and has also done Human Resource Management. He is now working as an assistant project manager. 


Iyanna McNeely 

It is clear on the show that Iyanna is Jarette’s second choice. Fans on twitter have expressed their frustration with Iyanna’s decision to stay with him. They have also pointed out that the gold ring that Iyanna is wearing was meant for Mallory. Everyone on the show has come to try and find their partner. No one wants to be anyone’s second choice. Fans sincerely hope that Iyanna is making the best decision for herself and does not allow herself to become second choice. 


Love Is Blind 

Love Is Blind is a reality dating show that has been produced by Netflix. The show first premiered on February the 13th in 2020. The show has been compared to Married At First Sight, in the sense they both do not allow the partners to see each other in the beginning. The show has also been compared to the Bachelor. The show was renewed for a second and third season. A Brazilian adaptation of the show has also premiered.


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