Are Lauren And Cameron Still Together? Where Are Lauren And Cameron Now?

Are Lauren And Cameron Still Together? 

Finding each other on the first season of Love Is Blind was the start of an incredible journey for Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton. One of the first things the couple was eager to show off was their beautiful dining room table, which Cameron had built himself. “‘You know your dad constructed this table!’ I’ll say when we have kids and they’re hammering on it. ‘Be gentle,’ I say “Lauren cracked a joke. The couple spoke with Entertainment Tonight in an exclusive interview.

Where Are Cameron Hamilton And Lauren Speed Now? 

As they’ve blogged about their love and lived their lives largely in the public view on social media, the couple admits that expanding their family has been a source of attention. “Even if we post a dull picture or something, the comments are constantly, ‘When is the baby coming?’ ‘Is Lauren pregnant?'” Cameron remarked. They are, however, “really in the midst of trying,” as Lauren emphasised. “We’re making an effort. So there’s a lot of practising going on right now “Lauren added, laughing. “However, we’re having fun practising.”

Cameron Hamilton

Cameron revealed to ET’s Rachel Smith, “It wasn’t all sunshine.” “We had to work things out at times and find room to recharge our batteries, even if it was only in the house. I feel like our friendship and working relationship are stronger as a result of that, so it’s a bonus.” Cameron spoke about their marriage to Entertainment Tonight, “When we were in bed, we had spent a lot of time talking about the prospect of publishing a book, just sorta rehashing the day,” Cameron added. “It was always something that came up, like, ‘We really need to write down what happened,’ especially since we didn’t know how much of [our tale] would be captured on the show.”

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“Of course, love is powerful, but I believe that having a good relationship of any kind requires more than just loving someone,” Lauren continued. “It takes more than just love. I believe that individuals need to understand that loving someone isn’t always enough to have a great relationship.” She speaks about her married life after she married Cameron. “I feel like all of that encompasses what it means to take a leap of faith,” Lauren said of the title’s meaning. “Getting engaged without seeing each other, being married, and now almost three years later and we’re still married, I feel like all of that encompasses what it means to take a leap of faith.” “Everyone watched us on Love Is Blind, but there was a lot more going on. We just wanted to share all of the gems and problems that we had in our dating lives with others.”

Love Is Blind 

Love Is Blind is a reality dating show that has been produced by Netflix. The show first premiered on February the 13th in 2020. The show has been compared to Married At First Sight, in the sense they both do not allow the partners to see each other in the beginning. The show has also been compared to the Bachelor. The show was renewed for a second and third season. A Brazilian adaptation of the show has also premiered. 

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