Ark Peace Chinese Drama

Ark Peace Chinese Drama Poster
Ark Peace Chinese Drama Poster
Drama Info:

Title: Ark Peace (和平之舟) He Ping Zhi Zhou
Episodes: 29
Release Date: November 4, 2021
Film Location: Xiangshan
Summary: The Chinese drama is based on the advanced deeds of the Navy’s “Peace Ark” hospital ship in performing international humanitarian medical services and rescue missions. It tells the story of the naval hospital ship “Peace Ark” which rescues the “Fair” freighter, fights against the the Yongdou “Elegant” merchant ship drug dealers, goes abroad for post-disaster rescue, carries out the “Ten Mile Sea Territory” medical service, and performs the “harmonious mission” mission.

Plot Synopsis:

In a sudden emergency mission, Zhang Du Hang, a military doctor of the escort formation, is quickly transferred to the naval medical ship “Peace Ark”.

During the mission, Zhang Du Hang and female military doctor Lu Ziang butt heads with each other due to opposing medical opinions.

Zhang Du Hang looks down on Lu Yang who was too sensible and calm, and Lu Yang looks down on Zhang Du Hang, who was too wild.

In a mishap, the two are transferred to a department and have to bite the bullet and deal with various urgent tasks.

They face many events such as merchant ships in distress, transnational disaster relief, fighting the virus, overseas anti-terrorism.

In the test of blood and fire, the two sacrifice, dedicate themselves to their mission, and their hearts come closer together.

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Together with the “Peace Ark” they vigorously promote the humanitarian spirit, widely spread the concept of “harmonious world, harmonious ocean”, and compose a heroic hymn of the contemporary Chinese navy.

Cast & Characters:
Chen Kun
Chen Kun

Chen Kun 陈坤 as Zhang Du Hang 张渡航

Zhang Tian Ai
Zhang Tian Ai

Zhang Tian Ai 张天爱 as Lu Yang 路阳

Supporting Characters
Zhang Meng
Zhang Meng

Zhang Meng 张萌 as Shen Mo 沈默

Yu Ai Lei
Yu Ai Lei

Yu Ai Lei 余皑磊 as Ye Nan 叶南

Airing Schedule:

Start: November 4, 2021

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