Arkham Metropolis’s Identification Thief Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight

The Identification Thief was one of many secondary villains in Batman: Arkham Metropolis, and, though his aspect mission is launched later within the recreation, he will be seen proper in the beginning. The true id of this villain is not revealed till the tip of the questline, however there are clues as to who the Identification Thief actually is as early as the primary time Batman enters the Church. If Batman speaks to one of many medics, he can discover out details about a person whose face is wrapped in bandages.

Within the Identification Thief aspect mission, Batman investigates a number of crime scenes the place the victims’ faces are lacking. An upsetting twist reveals that fingerprints discovered on the crime scenes belong to Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Metropolis. The Identification Thief’s victims pop up periodically, and after the primary crime scene seems, the bandaged man disappears from the Church. Sadly, if Batman speaks to the medics once more later, they appear to utterly overlook in regards to the Identification Thief being there. No additional data is given about how the Identification Thief managed to slide away beneath the care of medic Adam Hamasaki.


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When Batman arrives on the Church, he is urgently in search of the Joker after he traces a sniper shot to the bell tower. It isn’t shocking that he asks no additional questions in regards to the bandaged man, as a result of he is additionally investigating Hugo Unusual and Protocol 10, which is already chargeable for Batman’s worst character second in Arkham Metropolis. Nevertheless, if Batman had just a few additional moments to look into this man additional, he would have found that he was truly Thomas Elliot, and he could have been capable of forestall the murders that observe.

Batman: Arkham’s Thomas Elliot Has Twisted Causes For Hating Bruce Wayne

Batman Arkham City's Identity Thief Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight Hush Smoking Guns

The knowledge offered by Batman: Arkham Metropolis relating to Thomas Elliot’s grudge in opposition to Bruce Wayne is restricted. Hush’s bio web page is the one part of the sport that gives any context for Elliot’s vengeful plan, but it surely’s nonetheless only a transient rationalization. A extra in-depth portrayal of Elliot’s childhood and his causes for despising the Waynes is offered by comics akin to Hush and Coronary heart of Hush. As youngsters, Bruce and Thomas had been shut pals that helped one another develop intellectually. Comics truly ruined the massive twist in Batman: Arkham Knight, however they improve Thomas Elliot’s story. At a younger age, Thomas was acknowledged as a genius for his distinctive abilities and tactical considering.

Though they had been intellectually comparable and each belonged to the higher class, Bruce and Thomas had very completely different childhoods. Thomas suffered abuse from his father and resented his mom for permitting it to occur. As a lady that got here from poverty, Maria Elliot feared shedding her place amongst Gotham’s elite, so she by no means spoke out in opposition to Roger’s merciless and violent habits. Finally, Thomas devised a plan to do away with his dad and mom and inherit their fortunes. One evening, Thomas, who was performed by voice actor Kevin Conroy in Batman: Arkham Metropolis, minimize the brake line of his dad and mom’ automobile, and the crash killed Roger immediately. Nevertheless, Maria was rushed to the hospital and saved by famend surgeon, Thomas Wayne.

Batman Arkham City’s Hush Storyline Deserved A Bigger Payoff Thomas Elliot in Wayne Tower

Thomas blamed the Waynes for all of his issues. Through the years, Maria used her management over their fortune to control Thomas into doing the whole lot and something she demanded. Thomas hated his mom, however he took care of her even when she developed most cancers as a result of he needed his inheritance. Finally, Thomas developed a relationship with Peyton Riley, the second Ventriloquist, and almost misplaced his fortune. Maria disowned Thomas and wrote him out of her will for persevering with to see Peyton. With the specter of shedding the whole lot looming over him, Thomas smothered his mom and had Peyton kill the lawyer and destroy the amended will. After lastly inheriting his dad and mom’ cash, Thomas minimize Peyton out of his life and began planning his revenge on Bruce Wayne, whose brother could also be in Gotham Knights.

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Thomas’ hatred for Bruce stems from his jealousy. Bruce’s dad and mom had been murdered shortly after Thomas tried to kill his personal, and he noticed it as an injustice. His envy solely grew when Bruce began touring the world and Thomas was caught caring for his verbally abusive mom. In Hush, Thomas’ elaborate revenge plan is ready in movement after he skillfully manipulates all of Gotham’s main supervillains. Thomas even goes as far as to plant a tracker in Bruce’s head throughout surgical procedure by sending him subliminal messages containing his title and picture earlier than inflicting the Batmobile to crash. After faking his personal dying, Thomas surgically removes his face and creates a brand new one in order that he appears precisely like Bruce Wayne. In Coronary heart of Hush, Thomas takes it a step additional by capturing Catwoman, once more accomplished soiled in Batman: Arkham. Hush removes her coronary heart however retains her barely alive to torture Bruce. After finally failing to precise his revenge, he finally ends up penniless and in hiding. Nevertheless, as soon as he begins to get acknowledged as Bruce Wayne, Thomas begins stealing his cash and making an attempt to wreck his life.

The Identification Thief’s early look in Batman: Arkham Metropolis reveals Thomas Elliot earlier than his plan to wreck Bruce’s life is absolutely set in movement. On the level the place Thomas finally ends up sedated within the Church, he’d solely simply eliminated his face, however he hadn’t but reworked into Bruce Wayne. Though the story of Hush is simply included in a brief aspect mission, he stays a major villain within the Batman universe, and he is one in all Bruce’s most intellectually difficult opponents. His involvement within the sequence was disappointing and anticlimatic, particularly after his return in Arkham Knight is overshadowed by Scarecrow. Nevertheless, having the ability to spot him early in the second title creates a bit extra intrigue surrounding the potential storylines that might have developed if Batman was a bit extra suspicious of the physician that supposedly went insane and ended up wrapped in bandages.

The Identification Thief Might Have Been Stopped In Batman: Arkham Metropolis

Batman Arkham City's Identity Thief Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight Identity Thief In Church

The Identification Thief seems early on in Batman: Arkham Metropolis earlier than his first sufferer is found by Tyger Safety. Within the back-left a part of the Church, there is a sedated man with bandages wrapped round his face. Based on one of many medics, Adam Hamasaki, he was a physician who buckled beneath the strain of working in Arkham Metropolis whereas crimes wre dedicated and supervillains ran rampant. Hamasaki says he discovered the physician on the ground laughing after he used stolen provides to surgically eliminated his personal face. After sedating him, Hamasaki wrapped bandages round his head. The physician was clutching an organ donor case when Hamasaki discovered him, however the medics could not pry it free, so he is nonetheless holding on to it when Batman finds him within the Church. After talking to Hamasaki, the radio mentions Bruce Wayne’s arrest and imprisonment in Arkham Metropolis, to which the bandaged physician momentarily groans and writhes earlier than settling again down.

With out understanding it, Batman had the chance to detain the Identification Thief earlier than his first sufferer inside Arkham Metropolis was murdered. Since Hush was nonetheless holding on to the donor case and Hamasaki discovered him with no face, then stopping him early additionally might have prevented his transformation right into a Bruce Wayne lookalike. Though Hush’s Arkham storyline might’ve had an even bigger payoff, the inclusion of his mid-surgical transformation, and the allusion to the extent of his madness at the least make him extra fascinating. The brief, simply missed interplay with Adam Hamasaki provides some depth to Hush’s story in Batman: Arkham Metropolis.

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