ATEEZ’s San And Wooyoung Once Decided Who The Best Looking Between Them Is, But Their Conclusion May Be Debatable

a live stream in October of 2021, ATEEZ’s San, Seonghwa and Wooyoung addressed a very important question: who is the better looking member, San or Wooyoung? According to San, he and Wooyoung came to a conclusion together, though that conclusion may be somewhat debatable.

Wooyoung first appeared for a little while at the beginning before going off to take a shower. But he soon returned to Seonghwa and Hongjoong‘s room, where Seonghwa and San were holding the live stream, and began carrying out a hilariously aggressive skincare routine (bickering with San as well, of course).


San and Seonghwa teased him for using the camera as a mirror, though naturally that did not stop Wooyoung.

After some affectionate biting (which is Wooyoung’s classic form of expressing affection), Wooyoung made to leave, but not before he gave ATINYs his skincare product recommendations.



Seonghwa jokingly accused him of promoting the products…

…and then Wooyoung finally seemed to have left. But not for long! Soon enough he was back to having fun with San and Seonghwa and chatting with ATINYs. When a fan asked for capture time, a funny thought seemed to occur to San.

Seonghwa came immediately to Wooyoung’s defense, but San explained that this was something that he and Wooyoung had actually discussed before; the two of them had reached a conclusion about who was the better looking between them together.

When Seonghwa asked him what the conclusion was, San said, “Without makeup, I look better. But with makeup, Wooyoung looks better.”

Pretending to be hurt, Wooyoung said, “Then should I put makeup on?” When San answered in the affirmative, Wooyoung sulkily announced he was leaving once again.

San hilariously reminded him that he had shared in coming to that conclusion, but Wooyoung was hilariously already complaining about the temperature of the room.

While the discussion of who is the better looking member between San and Wooyoung was in good fun, it would actually be impossible to actually a conclusion. ATEEZ members are all top-tier visuals, and it’s safe to say both San and Wooyoung look lethal with and without makeup! In any case, ‘Woosanhwa’ live streams are always guaranteed to provide golden (and chaotic) moments. After all, this was the same live stream where this happened…

…leaving ATINYs absolutely speechless. A debate about who is better-looking doesn’t seem so crazy after that!

You can watch the full video on the link below.

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