Athlete Kwak Yoon Gy Goes Viral After Finding The Perfect Way To Incorporate BTS Into His 2022 Beijing Olympics Medal Celebration

On the surface, sports and K-Pop are two industries that you never thought would mix, except maybe in the case of the much-loved Idol Star Athletics Championships. Yet, it seems as if they are being linked together more and more.

In particular, this year’s 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has seen a rise in K-Pop appearances, some subtly and some more obvious. Recently, a Korean speed skater when viral for his tribute to BTS!

Members of BTS | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Kwak Yoon Gy is a Korean speed skater and has been known for his unrivaled charisma and talent when it comes to the ice. Even on his social media, his bright pink hair and playful photos show just how charismatic he is.

Kwak Yoon Gy | @yoongykwak/ Instagram

| @yoongykwak/ Instagram


Yet, his talent shouldn’t be underestimated. On February 16 (KST), he and the rest of the Korean team got the silver medal in the men’s 5000m relay. Considering how hard they’ve all worked and the team’s friendship, it isn’t surprising that they gained success.


The Korean speed skating team | @yoongykwak/ Instagram

However, after the momentous win, it wasn’t just the medal that gained attention from netizens. It was the medal ceremony. The teams in the top three waited at a podium for their name to be called to receive their medals one by one.

When it was the turn of Korea, Kwan Yoon Gy was the first to step onto the podium… and burst into his own rendition of BTS’s “Dynamite” dance.

He was then joined by the rest of his team. They seemed proud of their teammate and just started waving at the crowds like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Of course, it did happen, and netizens worldwide definitely noticed. Only an hour after the ceremony, a clip of the dance had been watched nearly 150,000 times on Twitter with nearly 8000 RTs and over 16,000 likes.

When netizens saw the dance, they couldn’t contain their excitement, sharing how exciting it was that athletes were finding any way to incorporate BTS into the event, showcasing their influence. Others joked that they weren’t surprised by this action by knowing Kwak Yoon Gy’s personality.

Yet, it isn’t the first time BTS and K-Pop have made an appearance at the event this year. Japanese athlete Kotomi Ishizaki was seen writing in a notebook that had a sticker of Jimin on it! Coincidentally, it was also from the “Dynamite” video.

| @JiminGlobal/ Twitter

After videos resurfaced about his love for BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, his fellow teammate Hwang Dae Heon also gained attention. It proves that athletes aren’t afraid to share their love of K-Pop.

| Kwakyoongy/ YouTube 

As expected, K-Pop is finding its way into everyday life as more people embrace the industry and share their love for the idols. You can read more about unexpected cameos from K-Pop idols at the Olympics below.

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