Autumn Cicada (2020)

Autumn Cicada Poster
Autumn Cicada Poster
Drama Info:

Title: Autumn Cicada (秋蝉) Qiu Chan
Episodes: 49
Release Date: May 4, 2020
Film Location: China
Summary: The drama follows Ye Chong, a young party member code-named “Autumn Cicada”. He enters as a spy into the Hong Kong Military and Political Office of the Japanese Army at the end of 1941 when Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese. During this period, Ye Chong and He Ying, Chi Cheng, Jin Xiang and others become lifelong friends through continuous misunderstandings and suspicions.

Plot Synoposis:

Ye Chong is a patriotic young man with communist beliefs. He heads to Hong Kong to assist Sato Dazang in forming the Hong Kong military police and intelligence agencies.

But, Ye Chong had already chosen to give himself to his country. When he was in Beijing, Ye Chong used his codename Qiu Chan to provide the communist party with important intelligence on the Japanese army.

Ye Chong arrives to Hong Kong to fight with old Japanese spies such as Miyamoto Cangye, Sato Dazang, and Qingquan Shangye. The party comrades Jiang Juntao and military commander Xue Ping and others doubted his identity but he was able to escape time and time again.

However, Ye Chong’s identity is eventually disclosed and he gets sent back to Japan for trial. With the help of his lover, He Ying, he escapes from Tiger Cave and returns to Hong Kong to continue his underground work for the communist party.

With the help of friends, they defeat Miyamoto Cangye and Qingquan Shangye. At the wedding of Jiang Juntao and Liang Xuemei, they escape Japanese female demon Qingquan Chunzi’s pursuit and made unremitting efforts towards victory of the war of resistance.

At the surrender ceremony, Sato Dazang is executed in front of tens of millions of Hong Kong civilians. Jiang Juntao, Ye Chong, He Ying and others successfully complete their tasks and rush into the new battlefield.

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Cast & Characters:
Ren Jia Lun
Ren Jia Lun

Ren Jia Lun 任嘉伦 as Ye Chong
A senior Japanese military officer, he grew up in Japan since he was a child. He is strong and unyielding, and adheres to his revolutionary ideals. Ye Chong, code-named “Autumn Cicada”, is ordered as a member of the Communist Party to go under cover and spy on Japanese military in Hong Kong. He secretly lurks in the Japanese military to complete a “top secret mission”, and faces many dangers. Along the way, he endures troubles and gradually grows into a brave and ambitious young man.

Li Man
Li Man

Li Man 李曼 as He Ying 何樱
He Ying is from Hong Kong. She is beautiful and dignified, petite, sweet, and has her own revolutionary pursuits. She is not part of the Communist Party but supports their ideals. He Ying is innocent, kind, has perseverance and is a patriotic female student who values the interests of the people of her country. Because her eldest brother was killed during the chaos, she wants revenge on the Japanese and and their aggression. She falls in love with Ye Chong and he protects her his entire life.

Supporting Characters
Liu Huan
Liu Huan

Liu Huan 刘欢 as Chi Cheng 池诚
A patriotic young man with avant-garde thinking who cares about his country and people. Chi Cheng is full of profound revolutionary ideals.

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He Du Juan
He Du Juan

He Du Juan 何杜娟 as Jin Xiang 靳香
Chairman of the Xinghehui Association, she helps her motherland, is a role model and awe-inspiring, and rescues the Communists many times. She is an indispensable helper for Ye Chong and Chi Cheng.

Jian Ren Zi
Jian Ren Zi

Jian Ren Zi 菅纫姿 as Qingquan Chunzi 清泉纯子
The daughter of Qingquan Shangye, a high-ranking Japanese officer stationed in Hong Kong. She has a dual personality, is beautiful and generous, and is arrogant but lovely. She loves Ye Chong and her biggest dream is to grow old with Ye Chong. However, due to war, the person she loves deeply became her enemy, and so she eventually becomes a Japanese spy due to her spite for Ye Chong.

Li Ting Zhe
Li Ting Zhe

Li Ting Zhe 李亭哲 as Miyamoto Cangye 宫本苍野
A Japanese spy official who is stationed in Hong Kong, he has amazing insights and can always find clues on the Communists. But, always at the most critical moment, he fails to beat the Communists due to the efforts of the undercover spies. His only goal is to seize Qiu Chan.

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Autumn Cicada Still 1
Autumn Cicada Still 1
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Autumn Cicada Still 2
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Chinese Drama Autumn Cicada Still 3
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Chinese Drama Autumn Cicada Still 4
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Autumn Cicada Still 5
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Autumn Cicada Still 6
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Start: May 4, 2020

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