Avatar Director James Cameron Slams Marvel & DCEU Movies

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water is just two months away. The 2009 installment was a big blockbuster for the franchise. The movie also competed with the 2019 Avengers: Endgame for the top position.

Both movies were constantly going back and forth for the title. Avengers Endgame even surpassed Avatar. But later James Cameron re-released his 2009 film to dethrone Endgame from the top position.

There are two upcoming sequels to Avatar. One will be released this year and the other one in 2024. Previously James Cameron revealed that he may not be directing future Avatar films. But he has plans for the future storylines. He says that he would pass on his beloved Avatar’s future in the hands of a trusted director.

Marvel & DCEU are both franchises loved by their fans as they love watching the stories and beloved characters. But James Cameron expressed his thoughts on both franchises. Let’s have a look.

James Cameron On Marvel & DCEU Movies

In a recent interview with Variety, James Cameron spoke about the character portrayal in these big franchises. He says that when he looks at Marvel & DCEU like franchises, “it doesn’t matter how old the characters are, they all act like they’re in college.”


He thinks that even though the movie claims to have relationships, but actually they don’t. He adds, ” They never hang up their spurs because of their kids.” James thinks Marvel & DC characters don’t experience things that ground normal people like “power, love, and purpose”. He thinks that’s not how one makes a movie.

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