Bachelor In Paradise Fans React As Teddi Abruptly Quits The Show

The fourth episode of Bachelor In Paradise season 8 premiered on ABC. This episode shocked fans as they witnessed a major exit from the show. Teddi and Andrew were both looking forward to finding themselves on the beach. They had openly revealed this as they had a connection from the very first date itself.

The duo talked to each other and the chemistry was evident. They talked about what they wanted out of the show and Andrew gave his first rose to Teddi. He said that she is a strong potential for her and he cannot wait to get down on the beach to see her.

Teddi, on the other hand, did not share these strong feelings as she confessed that she was not all over him. However, she still tried to give it a chance for some time only for everything to change after Rodney Matthew’s arrival. Teddi was enthused by the conversation she had with Rodney.

This led to doubts about her equation with Andrew and her presence on the show as well. She told Andrew that she came to meet him and he is the right person that she is looking for. Teddi then confessed how she was trying to create a spark but to no avail.

Andrew confessed that he is not mad at her but after a heartbreaking conversation, Teddi left the cast without a goodbye. This shocked both Andrew and Rodney alike. Bachelor in Paradise fans shared that her exit was rather abrupt and wished that she would sort it out in the real world.


Fans also shared on social media that her exit might have been abrupt but it was relatable.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC every Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm ET.

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