Bang Yedam And Mashiho End Their Contract With YG, Treasure To Continue As A 10-Member Group

Fans are waking up to sad news this morning as YG finally provides an update about Treasure members Bang Yedam And Mashiho, who recently went on a hiatus from group activities. However, this is not what fans were expecting or hoping for. YG Entertainment has announced that both the members are now permanently leaving the group.

In their official statement, YG Entertainment revealed, “Going forward, TREASURE transforms into a 10-member group – consisting of Choi Hyun suk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Junkyu, Yoon Jae hyuk, Asahi, Doyoung, Haruto, Park Jeong woo, and So Jung hwan.

They also shed light on what happened with Mashiho and Yedam, “After a long and careful discussion with Mashiho and Bang Ye dam was mutually agreed to conclude the contracts between the two and YG Entertainment.

YG also revealed the reasons why both the members have decided to say goodbye to Treasure, “We have reached such agreement so that Mashiho could have enough time to recover from his health condition, and Bang Ye dam could pursue his career as a producer.

As per YG, Mashiho has a health condition or disease because of which he can not continue being a Treasure member. Yedam, on the other hand, wishes to pursue a career as a music producer instead.


Back in May when they first announced the members’ hiatus YG had said, “We always put in effort to support our artists’ growth, but we consider the members’ health to be the top priority. We decided to give longer breaks for the two members after adequate discussion with the TREASURE members, so we ask for generous understanding and support from fans.”

Fans are devastated to hear the news. “Tell me thiss is a lie tell me this is a joke my heart can’t take this my heart just can’t take this.” one fan wrote. “I support both of their decisions. I feel especially bad for Yedam though. He has spent all of his life training to finally debut and now he’s is leaving 🙁 I hope he is okay!” added another.

YG has been house to some of the biggest K-Pop groups in the world, most notably BLACKPINK. They also have plans to debut a new girl group in 2023.

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