Best Chinese Song Covers Done By VERIVERY

Covers of English songs are not atypical among K-Pop idols, but covers in other foreign languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Thai, etc. may be less common. Especially when it comes to Chinese, its pronunciation and the characters are completely different from English.

Some K-Pop groups have Chinese members who can help assist in recording Mandarin songs. However, for some groups consisting purely of Korean members, the challenge of covering Chinese songs is doubled. Despite these language barriers, that hasn’t stopped VERIVERY from releasing covers of some of the most popular Chinese songs.

VERIVERY even filmed music videos for these covers. Check out the following article to see the boys’ talented acts.


1. Jay Chou – ‘Love Confession’

The song ‘Love Confession’ is inspired by the gorgeous French landscape. The lyrics use balloons to describe the little pleasure in the equivocal stage of romance, making the mood of the song even more romantic. Although VERIVERY’s cover music video was not shot in France, the pinky-white balloons and bouquets in the short film created a romantic bubbly ambiance.


DongHeon and YeonHo‘s light-hearted voices also melted the hearts of many VERRER (VERIVERY’s fandom name). Not only do their voices blend with each other, but surprisingly, as the group’s main rapper, DongHeon’s voice fits the song without feeling out of place. Their precise pronunciation has also won lots of compliments from the native speakers. 



2. JJ Lin, Jam Hsiao – ‘Hello’

‘Hello’ is a song written as a tribute to stage performers. It expresses the idea of artists “retaining the original heart for the stage”. It is a lifelong dream for all singers to be able to stand on stage and perform and present their works to the audience, where the stage is, where the singer is; however, behind the glitz and glamour, singers also bear the emotions that no one knows, no matter how they feel, they have to fight the spirit to bring laughter to everyone.

The song is very emotional and it’s not easy to handle the transition between flat and high notes. From the sedate opening to the gradually vehement climax, YeonHo and GyeHyeon‘s harmonies stir up the listeners’ excitement. Their vocals conveyed the message behind the song very well. The language barrier did not stop them from making their voices heard to the audience who speak mandarin as a mother-tongue language.


3. Eric Chou – ‘How Have You Been?’

This song is a cover done by YeonHo alone and is another collection of romantic songs covered in Chinese by VERIVERY. Inspired by the romantic comedy “Brooklyn”, the song expressed an irrevocably regrettable love relationship.

YeonHo’s feelings expressed in this song were reciprocal: on one hand, VERRER may feel sorrowful and teary because of YeonHo’s wholehearted sentiments expressed through this song; on the other hand, VERRER may feel comforted by his angelic voice. Covering an entire song in an unacquainted language is not an easy task. It was intrepid of YeonHo to step out of his comfort zone and experiment with it.


It is very impressive for VERIVERY to experiment with covers in different languages, and they definitely nailed it. The members occasionally upload covers of different artists on their official YouTube channel. Check them out to make sure you don’t miss any of the masterpieces. What’s your favorite song by VERIVERY? Let us know in the comments!


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