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My Time at Sandrock

“My Time at Sandrock” is a captivating life-simulation RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, taking place 330 years after the Day of Calamity. Developed by Pathea Games and released on November 2, 2023, the game is published by Pathea Games, Focus Entertainment. It invites players to step into the role of a Builder in the city-state of Sandrock, tasked with revitalizing the community using tools, gathering resources, and defending against monsters.

The gameplay involves transforming a workshop, creating unique items, exploring the desert, and engaging in dynamic action battles. The game supports up to 4 players for collaborative building, battling, and exploring. with features like intricate machine processing, diverse mini-games, and a detailed storyline with over 30 characters and hundreds of sidequests. 

Best Skills in My Time at Sandrock

In “My Time at Sandrock,” mastering the right skills is essential for success. From combat prowess to social finesse and resource gathering, here are the top skills to prioritize for a thriving experience in the game.

  • Endurance Knowledge (Combat):
    • Reduces endurance used in combat rolls.
    • Chance to recover 5 endurance points with each attack.
    • Enhances overall endurance recovery by 50%.
  • Survival Knowledge (Combat):
    • Increases maximum HP by 10%.
    • Gains 10% more HP from items.
  • Networking Knowledge (Social):
    • Boosts relationship points by 20% through friends of friends in the network.
  • Recycling Knowledge (Gathering):
    • 10% chance to get 2 stamina back when salvaging scrap.
    • 20% chance of getting an extra item when salvaging scrap.
  • Water Conservation Knowledge (Workshop):
    • Reduces the amount of water used by machines by 10%.
    • Increases efficiency of Dew Collectors by 50%.
    • Decreases the amount of dew needed to make water by 2.
  • Quick Delivery Knowledge (Social):
    • Orders submitted on the same day receive 5% more Gols.
    • Orders submitted on the same day also receive 10% more experience.
  • Bag Knowledge (Workshop):
    • Increases maximum bag limit by 20 slots with each skill point.
    • Decreases the price to unlock new bag slots by 10%.
  • Stamina Knowledge (Gathering):
    • Increases max Stamina Points by 5% with each skill point.
    • Sleeping before 3 provides the effects of sleeping well.

These skills enhance combat efficiency, social interactions, gathering resources, and workshop productivity in “My Time at Sandrock.”


My Time at Sandrock Gameplay

“My Time at Sandrock” gameplay revolves around the player, a newly appointed Builder in the city-state of Sandrock, working to restore the community 330 years after a catastrophic event. The player transforms a dilapidated workshop into a thriving production facility, creating unique items, exploring vast deserts, and engaging in dynamic action battles that seamlessly switch between melee combat and third-person shooting mechanics.


With a detailed storyline featuring over 30 characters and numerous sidequests, players can forge connections, uncover backstories, and shape the town’s destiny. The game supports up to 4 players for collaborative building, battling, and exploration, offering a diverse and entertaining experience in the post-apocalyptic world of Sandrock.


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My Time at Sandrock Review 

“My Time at Sandrock” the game is praised for creating a delightful post-apocalyptic world set in the town of Sandrock. The player, taking on the role of a Builder, is tasked with reviving the community by constructing items, cultivating relationships, and battling mutant lizards. The game, a sequel to “My Time at Portia,” retains its cozy and fun gameplay while introducing a desert setting that adds challenges, such as managing water resources.

The game has engaging progression, a variety of side quests, and vibrant characters with captivating backstories. Despite minor technical issues, the overall joy and entertainment provided by the game, including its unique multiplayer mode, make it a delightful experience for players.

the game’s dedication to goofiness, charming personalities, and its ability to stand out in the crowded genre of life-simulation RPGs. The multiplayer mode is commended for offering a collaborative building experience with distinct challenges, and the game’s commitment to creating a positive and optimistic atmosphere is highlighted. “My Time at Sandrock” is good game for its overall charm, engaging activities, and the fun it brings to both single-player and multiplayer gaming experiences.

My Time at Sandrock  Game Trailer

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