Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Tonight? Week 5

Big Brother 25 Spoilers

In the eventful Week 5 of “Big Brother 25,” a captivating twist in the game unfolded. The current Head of Household, Jared Fields, made a strategic move by nominating Cameron Hardin and Red Utley for eviction. While Cameron was intentionally kept in the dark to feel safe, the true target was Red. This calculated decision aimed to discourage Cameron from giving his best in the forthcoming Power of Veto competition, following a tactic reminiscent of a previous backdoor eviction strategy used earlier in the season.

Regrettably for both Cameron and Red, their prospects look bleak, as only one of them can potentially evade eviction, unless an unforeseen game-changing twist alters the course. With their alliance, Legend 25, now dissolved, the power dynamics within the house are rapidly shifting. Cameron’s impressive victory as HOH in the Pressure Cooker competition now hangs in the balance as the threat of eviction looms over him. The impending Power of Veto competition promises to be a fierce showdown as they battle for their survival. As always, in the world of “Big Brother,” the unexpected remains the constant rule of the game.

Who Won HoH Tonight? Week 5

In a thrilling turn of events during the HoH (Head of Household) competition, the week was marked by nail-biting suspense. Another houseguest teetered on the brink of elimination, only for fate to intervene dramatically. The power of invincibility swept in, snatching victory from the clutches of defeat for Cameron. Viewers were kept on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the revelation of the new HoH for the week.

The moment of truth finally arrived, and Jared emerged as the unexpected winner of this week’s HoH title. This outcome took many by surprise, especially since a showmance had been on the chopping block earlier in the week. The competition itself was fiercely competitive, featuring a knock-out style format that ratcheted up the tension. As the houseguests disclosed when the feeds were restored, they had actually completed the competition hours ahead of schedule. Nevertheless, fans had to endure a wait until the West Coast broadcast concluded before this news could be shared, intensifying both anticipation and frustration.



Big Brother 25

“Big Brother 25” marks a significant milestone for the enduring American reality television series, captivating audiences for a quarter-century. The season made its debut on August 2, 2023, airing on CBS in the United States and Global in Canada. To celebrate the show’s 25th Anniversary, a special episode was broadcast on July 26. The series, helmed by the iconic Julie Chen Moonves, continues its tradition of following a group of contestants, aptly named HouseGuests, who cohabitate in an isolated house, perpetually under the watchful eye of cameras and entirely cut off from the outside world.


Every week inside the Big Brother house is a whirlwind of excitement with fresh twists and turns. Houseguests vigorously compete for the coveted title of “Head of Household” (HOH), who subsequently nominates two of their fellow housemates for eviction. A high-stakes veto competition ensues to determine the fate of these nominations, and every Thursday, a live eviction ceremony, guided by the venerable host Julie Chen Moonves, takes place, resulting in the departure of one contestant. With alliances being forged and reshaped constantly, the show is a thrilling rollercoaster of strategy, unexpected alliances, and delightful surprises.

Big Brother 25 Houseguests

  1. America Lopez
  2. Blue Kim
  3. Bowie Jane Ball
  4. Cameron Hardin
  5. Cirie Fields
  6. Cory Wurtenberger
  7. Felicia Cannon
  8. Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher
  9. Jag Bains
  10. Jared Fields
  11. Matt Klotz
  12. Mecole Hayes
  13. Red Utley
  14. Hisam Goueli
  15. Reilly Smedley
  16. Kirsten Elwin
  17. Luke Valentine

Where to Watch Big Brother 25?

To keep up with all the thrilling moments of “Big Brother 25,” you have a variety of viewing options at your disposal. If you’re in the United States, CBS is the channel you should tune into for the latest episodes, while Canadian viewers can catch the show on Global. And for those who don’t have a cable subscription, streaming platforms like FuboTV and DirecTV Stream offer convenient free trials for new users.

For an even more immersive Big Brother experience, consider subscribing to Paramount+. They provide a 7-day free trial that not only grants access to the episodes but also unlocks a backstage pass to the 24/7 live feeds straight from inside the Big Brother house. Whether you prefer to watch the scheduled broadcasts on CBS, which air on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, or if you prefer to binge-watch at your own pace, you can catch up on all the drama through streaming services such as FuboTV, DirecTV Stream, and Paramount+.

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