Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Elimination, Who Got Eliminated in Bigg Boss Telugu 7 This Week?

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Elimination

In the seventh season of Bigg Boss Telugu, the second elimination is causing a lot of buzz among fans. Eight contestants were nominated for eviction: Yawar, Pallavi Prashanth, Shakeela, Shobha, Amardeep, Gautham, Tasty Teja, and Rathika.

Shakeela was eliminated on the day 14 of the show due to receiving fewer votes. Previously, actress Kiran Rathod was eliminated in the day 7 of the show.

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Who Got Eliminated in Bigg Boss Telugu 7 This Week?

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the popular actress Shakeela was eliminated from the show. This unexpected elimination took place after the reality show completed its first two weeks of airing. Shakeela, who had earned respect within the house and was affectionately called “Shaki Amma” by her fellow contestants, unfortunately received the fewest votes from the audience, leading to her departure from the competition.

The remaining contestants who managed to secure their positions in the house for the time being include Tasty Teja, Shivaji, Prince Yawar, Shobha Shetty, Rathika Rose, and Pallavi Prashanth. Shakeela, known for her work in adult films, enjoys a significant fan following in the South.

Shakeela initially began her journey on a positive note, but due to her age, she faced challenges in actively participating in the daily tasks assigned by Bigg Boss. Despite her confidence in not being eliminated, Shakeela’s relatively quieter presence and limited content contribution ultimately led to her exit from the show.




Bigg Boss Telugu 7

“Bigg Boss 7,” also known as “Bigg Boss 7: Ulta Pulta,” is an Indian Telugu-language reality television series and the seventh installment of the popular Bigg Boss franchise. This season of the show is produced by Endemol Shine India.

It made its debut on September 3, 2023, airing on Star Maa and Disney+ Hotstar. The familiar face of Nagarjuna returns as the host for the fifth time, adding to the excitement for fans of the show.

“Bigg Boss 7” follows the tried-and-true format of the Bigg Boss series, where contestants from various backgrounds and industries are brought together to live in a confined house, cut off from the outside world. They are observed 24/7 by cameras, and their interactions, tasks, and challenges create compelling entertainment for the viewers. This season promises to bring its own unique twists and drama, continuing the legacy of the successful reality show.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Contestants































Who is Shakeela?

Shakeela is a well-known Indian personality who has made significant contributions to the world of entertainment and politics. Primarily recognized for her work in Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu films, she has carved a niche for herself in the industry.

Shakeela’s journey began in Kodambakkam, Madras, India, where she was born into a Muslim family. Her early life took a different path as she did not complete her school. Instead, she decided to embark on a career in the film industry, where she would later become a prominent figure.

Throughout her career, Shakeela has left a lasting impact on the South Indian film industry, earning recognition for her contributions to cinema. Her involvement in politics further demonstrates her multifaceted personality and her commitment to social and political causes within India.


Birth Name

Shakeela Begum

Birth Date 19 November 1973
Age 49

Place of Birth

Madras, Tamil Nadu, India


Actress, Politician

Years active 1994–present

Shakeela Career

Shakeela’s career in the film industry commenced from its very inception, where she ventured into acting in movies. She gained significant recognition with one of her major hits, “Kinnarathumbikal,” a film that catapulted her into the limelight.

Shakeela’s movies often enjoyed widespread popularity, leading to their dubbing and release in numerous Indian languages. Additionally, her films found international audiences as they were dubbed into languages such as Nepalese, Chinese, and Sinhala.

As her career progressed, Shakeela transitioned into portraying family-oriented roles in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films starting in 2003. She also penned her autobiography in Malayalam, offering insights into her family, background, and interactions with notable figures from the film industry, politics, and her childhood friends.

In January 2018, Shakeela announced her 250th film, “Sheelavathi,” signifying her enduring presence in the industry and her continued contributions as an actor.

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