Bills vs. Chiefs In Super Bowl LVII Finals: 4 Reasons Why

The NFL is back again! It’s been a while since the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the recently concluded Super Bowl. But now that football is back, we’re eager to see what this year’s NFL season has in store for all its fans. 

The regular NFL season started last September 8, 2022, and will end on January 8, 2023. The playoffs are scheduled to begin on January 14, and the Super Bowl LVII will be played in Arizona, USA, on February 12.

That said, all teams are now doing their best to top in their respective divisional rounds. Today, we are in Week 6 games where the Chiefs and Bills have met for a rematch. These teams are projected to match up for the Super Bowl LVII. What makes these two teams as the most anticipated group to appear in the NFL finals in the next few months? 

Best Teams In The 2022 NFL

Even before the season began, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills were currently the leading two contenders with the highest Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII in February. As we enter the Week 6 games, the Bills and the Chiefs are the top teams in the AFC side. Also, in many NFL rankings platforms, they are in the top 3 alongside the unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles.

Moreover, the Bills and the Chiefs are home to the NFL’s top two quarterbacks, two of the league’s top 5-7 coaches, and the smartest general managers. Additionally, their rosters are both among the strongest and most talented in the league.


The 2022 NFL MVP Race

Looking at the players’ statistics today, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are regarded as the best two quarterbacks in the National Football League today. Both players are contenders for the NFL MVP award as they are the top two quarterbacks in the league, with their teams at the top of their divisions.

With most bookies, Josh Allen is the favorite to win, but Patrick Mahomes lies in second place and isn’t far behind. Now that the  Bills triumphed in their match-up during Week 6, he continues to be the betting favorite for the Super Bowl MVP. 

Clearly, the current front-runners for the MVP award are Allen and Mahomes, with Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts following them. Josh Allen’s odds of winning the said award became stronger after they won against the Chiefs. However, it’s too early to say since many games are still coming up. If Patrick Mahomes consistently wins in their upcoming matches, he might finish as the favorite to win the prize he earned four years ago. 

Chiefs’ Brett Veach’s Trades

High-quality leadership is an indication of a football team that is capable and competitive. Fortunately, Brett Veach, the Kansas City Chiefs general manager, has that. Do know that before the 2017–2018 season began, Veach was appointed as the General Manager. 

Since then, the Kansas City Chiefs have achieved unprecedented game records. Under Veach’s leadership, the Chiefs made a remarkable run of AFC championship games, won the Super Bowl, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes developed into a star.

Veach’s job involves a significant degree of trading players. Every NFL team needs to rebuild its roster, and Veach enjoys using trades to accomplish this. Since he took over, the Chiefs have completed 17 trades and deals. Overall, the Chiefs have acquired some fairly huge players through trade and are currently the main reason they can appear in the Super Bowl finals again. 

Best NFL Coaches

Talking about teams’ overall achievements, it’s no secret the best coaches in the NFL today are Andy Reid and Sean McDermott. These two coaches have also worked together for ten years as assistant coaches for the Eagles, so they probably know how to outwit each other. 

Reid has reigned over 400 NFL games, while McDermott is only in his sixth season. With the team’s 38-3 victory against the Steelers last weekend, McDermott outperformed Bills Legendary and Hall of Fame Marv Levy, in terms of the Buffalo Bills’ career winning percentage. If McDermott continues to rule over their upcoming games, they will surely see Andy Reid’s team in the Super Bowl finals. 

Final Thoughts

The Allen-Mahomes show has similarities to a Brady-Manning show. Looking back on their last meetings, two out of their encounters occurred during the AFC Playoffs. The Chiefs won the conference title in 2020 and the 2022 Divisional Round. These are sandwiched by a 38-20 victory by the Buffalo Bills during the Week 5 of the previous season.

The main reason why Allen and Mahomes’ appearance in the Super Bowl finals is important is that they will probably continue to stand against each other’s way of winning a championship. Finally, the Buffalo Bills have never earned a Super Bowl, while Kansas City went five decades without a victory. Now, either of these two teams may take home the Lombardi trophy for many years to come.

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