Birthday Letter (2019)


  • TV Movie: Birthday Letter
  • Revised romanization: Saengil Pyeonji
  • Hangul: 생일편지
  • Director: Kim Jung-Kyu
  • Writer: Bae Soo-Young
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 2
  • Release Date: September 11-12, 2019
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis

During the Japanese colonial rule era, Moo-Gil (Song Geon-Hee) and Il-Ae (Jo Soo-Min) are childhood friends and each other’s first love. Against their wills, both Moo-Gil and Il-Ae have to leave Hapcheon, South Korea and go to Hiroshima, Japan. They are separated from each other there. Moo-Gil is forced to work and Il-Ae makes a living by doing chores at a bar. They meet again, but the atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima. They try to find each other in the ruined city.

In 2019 in South Korea, Moo-Gil (Jeon Mu-Song) receives a birthday letter from his first love Il-Ae (Jung Young-Sook).



Birthday Letter-2019-Jeon Mu-Song.jpg Birthday Letter-2019-Jeon So-Min.jpg Kim Kyung-Nam Birthday Letter-2019-Jung Young-Sook.jpg
Jeon Mu-Song Jeon So-Min Kim Kyung-Nam Jung Young-Sook
Kim Moo-Gil Kim Jae-Yeon Goo Ki-Woong Yeo Il-Ae


Birthday Letter-2019-Song Geon-Hee.jpg Jo Soo-Min Birthday Letter-2019-Ko Gun-Han.jpg Kim Lee-Kyung
Song Geon-Hee Jo Soo-Min Ko Gun-Han Kim Lee-Kyung
Kim Moo-Gil Yeo Il-Ae Jo Ham-Duk Jo Young-Geum
Kim Hee-Jung Hong Suk-Woo Oh Man-Seok Birthday Letter-2019-Ham Sung-Min.jpg
Kim Hee-Jung Hong Suk-Woo Oh Man-Seok Ham Sung-Min
Kim Moo-Gil’s mother Moo-Jin Ham-Duk’s father Joogeunggae (freckle)

Additional Cast Members:

  • Kang Ae-Shim

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