BLACKPINK Fans Terrified After Spotting A “Ghost” Behind Lisa In An Old Photo

Recently in an interview with a radio station, Lisa opened up about an interesting ghost story that no one was expecting.

Lisa related how she has an Automatic Sensor-Enabled Dustbin in a room behind her computer desk. She revealed that once she was sitting doing YouTube stuff on her computer and she heard her dustbin get opened and make a sound behind her.

At first, she thought it was her many cats who walked past it because of which it made that sound. But when she looked back there was no one there. And now the dustbin keeps doing that every 5 or 10 mins. Lisa then reveals that she’s gotten used to it now as she hears it every day. She added that she just leaves it like that and doesn’t bother “it” cause maybe they are bored and just playing with the trash can.

Just a day after the interview was made public, an old BLACKPINK photo posted by DJ Snake began to circulate online. In the picture posted in the year 2019, DJ Snake can be seen posing with members Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé. After the interview, fans noticed something strange in the picture. As soon as one fan pointed out it on social media, BLINKS began to share their spooked reactions.

If you zoom in on the picture and look closely, you can see the shadow of a person or a face behind Lisa. Even though the entire face isn’t visible, the part that is, looks like Lisa as well. Fans joked that it is the same ghost following Lisa around that she talked about in the interview.

In reality, this is more likely caused by a photography error and there’s no ghost in the picture. But it’s creepy nonetheless.

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