BLACKPINK Gets First “Daesang” Win At Seoul Success Awards 2022

BLACKPINK, the internationally acclaimed K-Pop girl group, has been part of the music industry for more than six years now. However, even after releasing several representative K-pop songs like Kill This Love, DDU-DU DDU-DU, and How You Like That, the GG has been unable to secure the highest honor a Korean artist can receive, aka, a DAESANG. Daesang is the main prize at Korean award ceremonies.

However, that has now changed as BLACKPINK has won its first Daesang/Main Award at Seoul Success Awards 2022. The award reportedly honors BLACKPINK as artist who majorly contributed to the economic development of South Korea.

According to Korean media, “SSA is the most prestigious Award Show among domestic Media. It honors individuals, organizations & companies that have contributed to national development w/ creative change & executive power in various domestic fields: politics, economy, society & culture.”

“Next is the DAESANG for SINGERS in the CULTURE SECTOR. And the winner is #BLACKPINK! Congratulations… without the need to say, @BLACKPINK is a WORLDWIDE GIRL GROUP, and their album BORN PINK released in September, placed no.1 on Billboard 200 Chart!” the presenter said as they announced BLACKPINK’s win.

Even though BLACKPINK didn’t win a daesang for a very long time, they clearly did not need it to become one of the most popular artists in the world at the moment. BLACKPINK’s worldwide popularity proves their status as the biggest girl group in the world right now.


Fans are delighted after the new development and have flooded social media with congratulatory posts:

Blackpink winning their very first daesang note it’s a not fan voted so the judges picked the deserving ones and the most impactful artist this year”

“with or without daesang BLACKPINK is the biggest gg in the world, but some of you all were so comfortable dragging them using that drag like it’s the ultimate parameter of one artist’s success and karma hit y’all”

blackpink won a daesang? blackpink selling the most for a gg tour? oh karma is working overtime”

BLACKPINK just recently wrapped up the North American leg of their Born Pink world tour. The girl group will now be heading to Europe.

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