BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim Shares Her Future Acting Plans & The Idol Series Experience

Jennie Kim who always wins Blinks’ hearts with her songs and performances is now all set to make her first acting debut. The K-pop star will be playing the role of Anys in the Abel Tesfaye series named “The Idol”. We all know Jennie is a very talented and hardworking artist, who gives her 100% in every industry she steps in.

Although acting will be a whole new industry for her, Blinks believes that she will rock her first debut. The teaser trailer of the series is already out and the fans have already seen a glimpse of her acting through it. Recently Sam Levinson the creator of the series praised Jennie for her flawless dancing skills and also called her ” Hardworking and professional”.You can check out what the creator has to say about Jennie here.

Recently The Blackpink member did a cover story for the magazine named Elle. During her interview, she shared her first acting experience and revealed the future of her acting career.

Jennie Kim spoke about how Sam Levinson played a crucial role during her acting preparations. She says that Sam just asked her to be herself while acting. She adds, “In my head, I thought I would have to revise all the script and get into character. But luckily, I had Sam there. What he said was to just be me. I didn’t try to prepare it perfectly, which I really would do.”

She says that speaking to these guys i.e Sam Levinson & The Weeknd helped her in preparations. They also made sure that Jennie doesn’t feel nervous during these things.


She also reflected on how Acting enabled her to use all her “creative senses” just like any music video or music. Further, she adds, “Acting needed all the creative senses that I would use in a music video or any music or any other thing that I have already been doing. So surprisingly, it didn’t feel too much apart from what I’ve been doing so far, which was good. So I’m just so thankful.”

Jennie Ruby Jane loved working on this project as it gave her a new way to express her creativity. She reveals that she got to learn a lot from her co-star Lily-Rose Depp. Overall, she loved this experience of the Idol Series.

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