BLINKs Demand Better Treatment For BLACKPINK By Boycotting “2022 Welcoming Collection”

YG Entertainment recently announced BLACKPINK‘s newest release, but it’s not the news many fans were hoping to hear.

With a release date of March 2nd, the “2022 Welcoming Collection” is a DVD that shows off each of the members’ individual charms. While the material itself is loved by fans, they are more concerned with YG Entertainment’s priorities when it comes to BLACKPINK.

“We need a comeback it’s been 500 days 😭,” one fan writes. The comments of YG Entertainment’s announcement are flooded with fans in protest, waiting for new music from the group instead.

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Shortly after, fans began trending #WeWantBLACKPINKMusic on Twitter, firmly stating “No music, no money.” Many fans have also noticed the similarities with BLACKPINK’s older “Welcoming Collection,” pointing out that some of the imagery may be recycled.


With such a long wait for new material, fans are left wondering just how beneficial these decisions are for BLACKPINK…

…and if boycotting merch is enough to get new music from the girls.

Hopefully, a comeback is on the horizon for sometime this year!

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Watch the full “2022 Welcoming Collection” teaser below.

There have been various theories on why BLACKPINK is taking so long to have a comeback. Check out the article below for more!

Here Is The Supposed Reason Why BLACKPINK’s Comeback Has Been So Delayed

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