BLINKS React To BLACKPINK Jennie’s Sister Ella Gross’s Glow Up

Time passes by real quick and we don’t realize how fast one grows up. Seems like a thing of yesterday, same has happened with Blackpink Jennie’s little sister Ella Gross. She used to be so little when she was spotted last time in the year 2019 with her sister Jennie.

As all the Blinks know that K-pop girl band is currently on Born Pink’s LA concert and is already making headlines for amazing performances. There was also a little surprise for fans in LA. Camilla Cabello, the Havanna singer too joined the stage to perform with the popular K-pop girl band. The clips from the concert are already going viral on the internet along with some adorable captures of Blackpink members & Camilla Cabello together.

Well, this was not the only thing the fans reacted to. Ella Gross too joined the Blackpink members on this tour. She shared many photos on her Instagram story with the Blackpink members. Also, she was there in the audience cheering the famous K-pop girl band.

The internet has reacted to Ella Gross’s massive change in just 3 years as she looks quite grown up now. Just like her sister Jennie, Ella Gross too is multi-talented and great at many things. The little girl sings, dances, and also models. Let’s look at Blinks’ reaction after seeing Ella Gross glow up.

Blinks React


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