BoA, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, And aespa’s Karina Under Fire For Alleged “Colorist” Comments In Latest Video

Members of SM Entertainment‘s newest supergroup, GOT The Beat, are currently under fire after alleged “colorist comments” in their latest YouTube video. In particular, it has raised concerns about the ongoing issue of “colorism” within Korean society.

GOT the beat | @girlsontop_sm/Instagram

On February 9, the members of the group sat down in a video on YouTube where they sat in groups and answered questions about each other. In particular, soloist BoA, aespa‘s Karina, and Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon were in a group chatting to each other.

Yet, one comment caught the attention of fans, but not in a good way. The members had to describe their first impressions of each other in five characters.


While others used terms like “a bear in a coat,” BoA’s comment to Hyoyeon that netizens found “offensive.”


BoA explained that her first impression of Hyoyeon was, “She was very tanned.” Korean beauty standards have been known to consist of “pale skin,” and many thought that BoA’s comment had negative connotations.

Yet, Karina was also under fire after she was seen laughing at the comment after it was said. Although Hyoyeon did the same and replied, “Why was I so tanned?” it felt like Karina and BoA were laughing at Hyoyeon, who also seemed to find it funny.

In the clip that went viral on social media, although the clip showcased subtitles different from the video, using the term “tanned/ black” skin, netizens still voiced how wrong they thought it was.

For many, it emphasized this attitude in Korean society that is still deemed as normalized. Others voiced their disappointment in the idols being so open with their reactions to a comment that could be taken offensively.

Yet, it isn’t the first time in recent times that the topic of colorism has been brought into the eye. The Netflix series Single’s Inferno recently came under fire after the contestants were seemed to make colorist comments praising the “fair” skin of Shin Ji Yeon.

| Netflix

| Netflix

Despite BoA and Hyoyeon being from an earlier K-Pop generation than Karina, netizens think they were all in the wrong and should’ve known better. Neither the artists nor SM Entertainment has responded to the allegations.

You can watch the whole video below.

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