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Bobby Fish Opinions On CM Punk And The Elite 

Bobby Fish shared his thoughts on CM Punk and The Elite. Fish has already stated that he will not be exchanging Christmas cards with Punk this season. Fish disclosed that the problems between himself and Punk probably stems from the ending of a match they had on AEW Dynamite in October 2021. Fish was able to get his shoulder up shortly after being pinned off the GTS. Fish claimed he did so because he believed Punk had given him permission to think outside the box. This caused friction between the two.

Fish previously stated that he would like to fight Punk in combat sports in the future, but this may have changed. Here’s what he had to say about Punk in a recent interview. Punk isn’t even on my radar, according to Fish. For me, the man does not exist. Fish also discussed defending Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks during AEW’s investigation into the post-All Out brawl. I mean, those are guys I worked with for years in Japan, said Fish.

We’ve always had a good relationship. Between all of this, I’ve heard from all of the parties mentioned. Some as recently as a couple of days ago, and those are the guys I keep in touch with. I wish them well, I want nothing more than success for the those guys, and I believe the same sentiment is returning to me. They are my friends, and friends do things like that.

Booker T expressed his thoughts if CM Punk will return to WWE

Booker T expressed his thoughts on whether or not CM Punk will return to WWE. Following a recent backstage brawl, speculation has run wild about a possible exit from AEW. Punk did not leave WWE on decent terms. CM Punk has certainly been very polarising in terms of WWE comments since he left, according to Booker T.

So, I believe it would be difficult, if not impossible, for him to swallow his pride and return to that, that hulk, that demon that caused many of the problems he believes he has. I believe it would be difficult on both sides. According to Booker T, the ship on Punk’s come back to WWE may have glided. When Punk have become an analyst on FOX’s WWE Backstage, there was some hope, and yet Booker T believes it was simply the outcome of a big push from FOX.


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