Bob’s Burgers Characters And Their Gravity Falls Counterparts

Followers are raving about The Bob’s Burgers Film that was launched final month, and critics on RottenTomatoes have additionally given it excessive marks. Each addition to the quirky and hilarious world of the Belcher’s is welcome to buffs of Bob’s Burgers. With 12 seasons and a film beneath its belt, the present has the potential to entertain viewers for a lot of seasons to come back.

Followers have been asking for a 3rd season of Gravity Falls for the previous 5 years, nevertheless it’s been to no avail. The present wrapped up completely with no plot holes or materials for a future season, which left a legacy larger and extra memorable than most Disney exhibits. Regardless of their variations in subject material and animation fashion, Gravity Falls and Bob’s Burgers have vital traits and comparisons that make them iconic fan favorites.


Gayle & Lazy Susan

Gayle and Lazy Susan serve their roles loyally because the random quirky characters of their respective exhibits. From Lazy Susan’s a number of voice messages saying “good day” to Stan from all her cats to Gayle pretending to have a sprained ankle for consideration, these ladies dwell a lifetime of unrelatable drama.

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The presence of each characters offers every present extra character, as the ladies trudge by way of life by no means following social norms or queues. With all their hilarious quirks and oddities, Gayle and Lazy Susan make the primary characters appear extra regular and relatable.

Mr. Frond & Toby Decided

Mr. Frond and Toby are a pair of characters that do not fairly match into society, affecting their self-confidence in various methods. The males are captivated with issues that others should not, like Frond’s knitting and Toby’s failing newspaper.

Not solely are they each determined for companionship, however Frond and Toby are likely to insert themselves into the narrative of their exhibits to achieve management or acceptance from different individuals. That is seen in Frond’s obsessive manner of working Wagstaff and Toby’s probing interviews on the Thriller Shack.

Jimmy Jr. & Robbie

These angsty teen boys function further plots of drama and a few battle in every present. Jimmy Jr.’s fickle sentiments towards Tina present comedic aid and Tina with a manner to enhance her confidence. Because the token love curiosity in Gravity Falls, and regardless of being the antagonist, Robbie brings out related progress in Dipper and Wendy.

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Jimmy Jr. and Robbie each love music as Robbie is in a band and Jimmy Jr.’s ardour is dance. The boys crave consideration and the highlight, however solely on their phrases. If Tina is simply too ahead in her efforts to woo Jimmy Jr., or if Dipper challenged Robbie’s authority the boys are assured to be moody.

Jimmy Pesto & Lil Gideon

Jimmy Pesto is a charismatic villain who’s adored by everyone aside from Bob, the primary protagonist. Very similar to Jimmy, Lil Gideon is a prideful small enterprise proprietor who would give something in his world to get revenge on the Pines household. On many events, they manipulate individuals round them for energy or private achieve.

Each characters have proven their true colours after they have cheated to get forward of their careers and livelihoods. Lil Gideon owed every little thing worthwhile about himself to the second journal, whereas Jimmy would lie on Household Fracas to get beneath Bob’s pores and skin.

Teddy & Previous Man McGucket

Teddy and Previous Man McGucket are mislabeled by their cities as annoying and overbearing. Individuals view McGucket as a loopy outdated man with illusions of grandeur. Equally, Teddy is portrayed as a bit of uninteresting, however like McGucket he’s an skilled in his craft as a handyman.

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Each males have been by way of both divorce or household pressure that left them feeling remoted. McGucket is determined for friendship and a spotlight as he confirmed when he constructed the decoy Gobblewonker to win his son’s approval. Having the identical want, Teddy mounted a ship to point out off to his ex-wife to be able to fend off his loneliness.

Louise & Wendy

Louise is the token troublemaker in Bob’s Burgers, simply discovering distractions from work and concocting schemes to get forward in life. Wendy is a cool, easy-going woman who would additionally do something essential to get out of labor and have a superb time. The ladies are each portrayed as extra mature and keen to interrupt the foundations if one thing is in it for them.

Wendy is loyal to Dipper by mendacity within the comfort retailer about how he defeated the ghosts to save lots of his popularity. Equally, Louise additionally values her relationships no matter how badly she needs to earn a living or get energy. This makes her probably the greatest characters in Bob’s Burgers.

Gene & Soos

Gene and Soos are two hilarious and endearing characters which are staples of their respective exhibits. They function comedic aid and even each dapple in music on a keyboard. Regardless of Soos and Gene’s portrayals as infantile, they each have moments of genius that shine by way of.

The pair are sometimes labeled as those to botch issues, like when Soos stored getting in the best way when he and Dipper had been attempting to hunt the Pterodactyl. With the same coronary heart of gold to Soos, Gene is a good pal and goes together with each Belcher child scheme. No matter what others take into consideration them, Gene and Soos are completely content material with who they’re.

Tina & Dipper

Tina is within the awkward in-between teen stage the place she is desperately attempting to determine who she goes to be. Dipper is experiencing the identical struggles of his physique altering and having goals of a romance the place the emotions should not reciprocated.

The pair have the quirky functionality of being tremendous assured but insecure about themselves on the similar time. Each Dipper and Tina are extraordinarily delicate to different individuals’s opinions, particularly their friends. This endears them to viewers as they fumble by way of life as the primary characters in their very own tales.

Linda & Mabel

Linda and Mabel have the identical zest for all times that stands out above the remainder of their household and pals. Mabel combats monsters in handmade sparkly outfits, which compares to Linda taking over challenges together with her children and the restaurant in a glittery costume at any time when attainable.

The 2 are tremendous whimsical and imagine within the energy of goals, magic, and love. As one of the crucial adored and funniest characters in Gravity Falls, Mabel serves as a peacemaker for her household. Likewise, Linda is a supply of fixed assist and love for the Belcher clan.

Bob & Grunkle Stan

Bob and Grunkle Stan are the beloved patriarchs of their households. Bob runs the restaurant with a considerably grumpy persona with a comfortable spot for his children’ loopy antics. Stan offers with a really related dynamic as Dipper and Mabel are persistently moving into bother and avoiding work.

As Bob struggles to maintain his enterprise afloat, he’s always bullied by his arch-nemesis throughout the road. The Thriller Shack additionally has a rival, Lil Gideon, who takes away Stan’s income at each comfort to himself. When it comes right down to it, each males know that the happiness and safety of their household are what really issues.

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