Brett Orme Missing, What Happened to Brett Orme?

Who is Brett Orme?

Brett Orme, a 54-year-old resident of Fitzgibbon, has gone missing in circumstances that are causing concern. Standing at around 180 centimeters tall, he has distinguishing features of short brown hair and blue eyes. Operating his own shed building business, Brett is recognized within the local trades community.

He was last seen donning a high-visibility polo shirt, reflecting his professional attire. Although he had no prior encounters with law enforcement, his current disappearance has triggered the involvement of both local and homicide detectives, who are working diligently to unravel the mystery and piece together the events surrounding his vanishing.

Brett Orme Missing

Brett Orme’s disappearance has prompted a concerted search effort after he was reported missing by his family on August 16. His last known whereabouts date back to August 11, when he was observed departing from an address on Odense Street in Fitzgibbon. He left behind his familiar surroundings in a white 2012 Nissan Navara, bearing the Queensland registration 354WAN.

Two days later, on August 13, he conversed with his son, hinting at imminent plans to meet. That same day, he ventured to Ironbark Gully in Ferny Hills, as evidenced by his presence around 12:40 pm. Disturbingly, Brett’s trail goes cold from that point onwards , no sightings or communications have surfaced since.

The perplexing mystery deepened when authorities stumbled upon his abandoned vehicle on August 19 at the Tinchi Tamba wetlands in Bald Hills, a significant distance of approximately 20 kilometers from Ironbark Gully.



What Happened to Brett Orme?

The circumstances surrounding Brett Orme’s disappearance are currently being investigated by authorities, including both local and homicide detectives. Brett was last seen leaving his residence on August 11 in a white Nissan Navara. He contacted his family on August 13 via mobile phone and took a selfie on the same day, but the phone was found near a walking track at Ironbark Gully a few days later.


His vehicle was located at the Tinchi Tamba wetlands on August 19, with gaps in the timeline of his movements between the selfie and the vehicle’s discovery. Homicide detectives are appealing for information from the public to help fill in these gaps and shed light on his whereabouts during that period.

Brett Orme Missing Update

In the most recent update on the case, Brett Orme, a tradesman hailing from Brisbane, continues to be missing. His last confirmed sighting dates back to August 11, and his family officially reported him missing on August 16. The collaborative efforts of local authorities and specialized homicide detectives have been tirelessly invested in unraveling the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

Public appeals for information have also been made, hoping to elicit any vital details that could shed light on the sequence of events leading to his mysterious vanishing. Despite these concerted endeavors, a shroud of uncertainty still cloaks the days bridging the gap between his last observed appearance and the startling discovery of his abandoned white Nissan Navara.

The vehicle, located at the Tinchi Tamba wetlands on August 19, serves as a pivotal clue in the ongoing investigation, but the crucial narrative of Brett’s movements remains elusive and begs for further insights to unravel this enigma.

Is Brett Orme Found?

As of the latest update, Brett Orme has not been found. Despite the comprehensive investigative efforts underway, he has not been located. The inquiry into his unsettling disappearance remains an active pursuit, with law enforcement steadfastly urging individuals who possess any pertinent information regarding his whereabouts to step forward and contribute to the ongoing search.

Both local police and the dedicated involvement of homicide detectives underline the gravity of the situation. Their collective determination is directed at piecing together the puzzle of events that unfolded prior to Brett’s unexplained absence and the discovery of his abandoned vehicle. The community’s assistance is paramount in unraveling this complex puzzle and potentially offering insights that could bring about a resolution to this disconcerting situation.

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