BTS Jin Reveals He Contracted Life-Threatening Illness During His Solo Shoot

Fans commended BTS member Jin for his diligence in finishing his solo album despite a possibly fatal illness. The superstar said that he contracted epiglottitis in The Astronaut Jacket Shoot, a behind-the-scenes concept photography that was published on November 6, 2022.

When he warned supporters that he might not be able to communicate much in the video, Jin from BTS highlighted his condition. The entire video is filled with his raspy voice.

Fans observed his resolve to finish the concept photoshoot despite his attempts to lighten the mood by making jokes about it. Due to his professionalism, the singer for Astronaut ultimately gained the respect of his audience.

The eldest member of BTS, Jin, is frequently lauded for his sincerity, wit, and humour. He is also renowned for working hard, which is a quality that BTS members highly value. His professionalism was once again made clear to fans in the recently released jacket shoot for The Astronaut concept pictures.

The BTS member explained to fans in a behind-the-scenes video that he had epiglottitis, which was the reason for his raspy voice. But the idol kept on with the photo session without objecting. When he couldn’t speak, he was occasionally seen waving instead. The idol said in the video:


“We’re shooting my jacket photo today. I want to apologize in advance. I contracted epiglottitis a few days ago so my voice is a bit hoarse and I have a hard time talking. I’d like to ask for your understanding before we start.”

Epiglottitis is a potentially fatal condition that causes swelling and inflammation of the epiglottis, according to Healthline:

“The epiglottis is at the base of your tongue. It’s made up of mostly cartilage. It works as a valve to prevent food and liquids from entering your windpipe when you eat and drink. The tissue that makes up the epiglottis can become infected, swell, and block your airway.”

Fans could not help but applaud Jin‘s determination when they realised that he was having the same serious problem during Colplay’s The Astronaut show. They showered the idol with affection and encouragement and wished him a speedy recovery.

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