BTS Jin To Model For His Dream Ottogi’s Jin Ramen Brand

How good it would be if you manifest something for years and suddenly it comes true? It’s truly a saying that wishes do get fulfilled sometimes. That’s what has happened with BTS’s Jin as he finally has gotten the collab he dreamt of. For those of you who don’t know back in 2016, Jin revealed that he wants to model for “Jin Ramen”.

The video is also shared by the BTS army on the internet. In which the BTS members are having Ramen and Jin expresses that he’s glad that the brand uses his name. He says that it’s his dream to model for Ottogi’s Ramen brand. Ottogi Daily recently shared a short teaser with a caption that suggests Jin’s advertising commercial will be released 2-3 days. The caption of the post reads, “Do you like Jin Ramen?” 💙+❤=💜.” The purple Heart is a symbol of the BTS army and it confirms that Jin has become the face of the brand. The ad will be released on 11th November starring Jin.

Why Ottogi chose BTS Jin to model? Well, the answer is pretty simple the brand is true to its taste, just like how Jin is true to the music. Both are sincere and work hard to get success. As the values align, that’s why he was the lucky one to become the face of the brand.

BTS Army Reacts To Jin Getting His Dream Collab!

The BTS Army is quite happy and excited to see Jin in the new ad commercial which will be rolling out soon. Also, they are sharing a 2016 video, where Jin revealed his dream to model for Jin Ramen. Others are just waiting for the commercial to release so that they can buy Korean noodles immediately. Let’s have a look at some of the reactions.

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