BTS’ RM Unveils The Exciting Track-list For His First Studio Album “Indigo”

The tracklist that we have all been patiently waiting for ever since Namjoon first announced his solo album INDIGO is finally here! The day when RM’s solo album, Indigo, comes out becomes closer every day. A few days ago, the BTS member said that his much anticipated album would be released soon, and ever since then, everyone has been waiting with anticipation.

Finally, on November 24, we received the tracklist, and it will astound you. For those who recall, the international star stated that this time he has prepared for several collaborations and hopes the fans will enjoy it, while discussing his solo work. We can certainly see what he meant considering the album’s several intriguing featured performers.

Collabs On RM’s First Solo Studio Album

There are a total of 10 tracks on the album, and eight of them have featured performers. Yes, this time the rapper has gone above and beyond to provide something spectacular but also intimate.

The album includes songs like – Yun (with Erykah Badu)Still Life (with Anderson.Paak)All Day (with Tablo)Forgetfulness (with Kim Sawol)Closer (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia)Change Pt.2LonelyHectic (with Colde)Playing With Wild Flowers (with Jo Yujin of Cherry Filter), and lastly No.2 (with Park Jiyoon).

It goes without saying that this record will be a work of art. It is also noteworthy because the multi-talented superstar is credited with creating each of the songs. The New album also has some impressive names in the production credits, in addition to the contributing singers.


The vocalist for Forever Rain called it the “final archive of my twenties.” “RM record: Indigo. from the hues of people, animals, etc. We are receiving RM’s earnest sentiments and thoughts. Get ready for the release of Indigo on Friday, December 2. Prior to Indigo, RM has released two solo mixtapes: RM in 2015 and Mono in 2018.

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