BTS: Taehyung Has A New Adorable Nickname For Jungkook

V, aka Kim Taehyung, and Jungkook, aka Jeon Jungkook, two BTS members from the maknae line, make up the group’s cutest duo also lovingly referred to as TaeKook by fans. Having known each other and being there for each other for more than 10 years, the singers have formed a warm and close relationship where they are often seen pranking, hyping, admiring, teasing, and comforting each other. With their special and close bond and regular cute moments, they are always giving fans reasons to be happy about.

V’s New Nickname For JK

A new video clip has surfaced online where Taehyung can be seen announcing his new adorable nickname for his fellow bandmate Jungkook. A fan noted that Taehyung called Jungkook “정꿀보” (jeongkkulbo) which means honey bee and is short for Jungkook Baby.

Fans React:

Fans found the nickname to be extremely cute and quickly began sharing their thoughts on the same:

Taehyung expounding upon this nickname in depth with the utmost seriousness while someone else futzes with Jungkook‘s hair is just peak bangtan behavior”

“taehyung giving jungkook the 정꿀보 nickname might be one of the best things on earth rn”


nicknames taehyung gives to jungkook: “my baby”, “my cutie”, “pretty maknae”, “little one”, “bunny”, “a baby”, “coochie coochie coo”, “mademoiselle”, “jwekwe” , “jungkoo baby (jeongkkulbo)”

““jeongkkulbo / jungkoo baby” officially joins the jungkook nicknames list. everybody say thank u taehyung!”

“Babe wake up new Jungkook nickname just dropped! Given by THE KIM TAEHYUNG!”

““jeongkkulbo” “baby honey bee” “jungkook baby” THIS NICKNAME IS TAEHYUNG APPROVED…. IM CRYING”

“every new koo nickname is a shot through my heart”

“Single handedly saving my week”

“falling to my knees THATS SO CUTE”

All BTS members recently gathered for a free concert for fans in Busan. It was also recently announced that BTS has decided to complete their military service, with Jin starting first after his solo debut this month. It was also previously announced that all BTS members will be making their official solo debuts. j-hope was the first member to make his and Jin is confirmed to be the next.

For his solo debut, Jin is releasing a song written by him and Coldplay. Jungkook recently released a collab single with Charlie Puth titled Left & Right, which witnessed impressive global success. V, however, hasn’t released any recent solo music besides his OST “Christmas Tree” which he released in 2021 for the TV show titled, “Our Beloved Summer.”

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