BTS Takes Up Top Spot In The “IFPI Top 10 Global Recording Artists of 2021” & SEVENTEEN Follows Close Behind

It’s a great time to be HYBE! IFPI, the representative organization of the recorded music industry worldwide, has officially announced the top 10 Global Recording Artists of 2021 and needless to say, it marks a huge milestone for the K-Pop industry.

Reflecting their unbelievable success in 2021, the IFPI has crowned BTS the winners of 2021’s IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Year Award. According to the official website of the IFPI, “the unique award is calculated according to an artist’s or group’s worldwide performance across digital and physical music formats during the year, from streams to vinyl, and covers their entire body of work“. 

However, this is not BTS’ first time winning the award. In fact, this is BTS’ second consecutive win, which is also a historical feat! On the other hand, K-Pop group SEVENTEEN, also under HYBE, has landed on the #9 spot, indicating their continually rising success globally.

BTS Takes Up Top Spot In The "IFPI Top 10 Global Recording Artists of 2021" & SEVENTEEN Follows Close Behind

IFPI Global

It is especially heartening to see K-Pop music being lauded on not only a commercial but also a critical level worldwide and we cannot wait for what BTS and SEVENTEEN have in store for us in 2022.


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