BTS’s J-Hope Settles The Debate On How Much English He Really Knows


In honor of his birthday, BTS‘s J-Hope met with ARMYs through a live broadcast and talked about everything from future music to his multilingual abilities. However, nobody was ready when he showed off his English skills!

He started by saying that if he knew more English, he would speaking it a whole lot more during the live.

ARMYs know he underestimates his own skills when he started speaking in flawless English…just to say that he doesn’t speak English!


He then repeated himself with a slightly different phrase, showing that he even understands the nuances of sentence variations.


Describing his “lack” of English skills in flawless English seems a little ironic, Hobi!

However, he’s just messing around…

…because he knows how good he is deep down!

I speak English very well!

— J-Hope

ARMYs know just how hard he’s been working, taking any free time to study.

Plus, his Instagram captions are flooded with English phrases!

The results are in: J-Hope is definitely a multilingual king! As his confidence grows, so do his skills. Amazing work, birthday boy!


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