BTS’s Jimin Responds To A Struggling ARMY And It’s Something Everyone Should Hear

BTS‘s Jimin lives up to his angelic reputation in his most recent Weverse post where he helps a struggling ARMY.

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The fan vented their emotions they held inside, stating they’re “so tired and want to give up on everything.”

I feel so down right now. Everything seems difficult and feels like I would never be able to achieve what I want. … I wish I could be as good and talented as others so I could for once hear my parents praise me but guess that’s never happening. There’s always a mask covering my real self because I am scared to show my emotions.



However, Jimin revealed he’s no stranger to these types of feelings and that looking forward to an optimistic future is always better than dwelling on the past.


I feel like I can understand this story to some extent. So I have something that I would like to say. Instead of thinking about how to turn back my life and hearing about how I am from someone else, how about thinking, ‘What about me?,’ ‘If that was me?,’ ‘What do I want.’ If you think about growing closer to these natural things, you will think more about the future rather than the past when having a hard time.

— Jimin

He knows firsthand that focusing on what makes you happy will always be beneficial.

So how about we stop thinking about the hard times and think about what things can make us a bit happier? If you can think of this as a suggestion, I think I would be very grateful. I truly hope that you will become even happier and have even more days of smiling and laughter. Thank you for supporting us and sharing your story with us.

— Jimin

Specifically, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, including both ARMYs and BTS themselves. Jimin wants to let everyone know that they’re continuous efforts to stay strong never goes unnoticed by him.

Plus, continuing, I know you’re having a hard time because of the COVID-19 situation. All of you. Also, I’m aware about how much you all are putting in strength and carrying on. I’m continuously thankful, sorry, and grateful about the fact that all of you ARMYs are staying strong.

— Jimin

Not only were Jimin’s words incredibly thoughtful and kind, ARMYs were also touched by the way in which he wrote his message. Wording his phrases in ways that are easily translated by an automatic translator (such as Google Translate), the message can smoothly translate and allow many fans to instantly understand his message.

Knowing that he went through the trouble of understanding the fan’s entire English message also shows how much he truly loves and cherishes ARMYs!

Jimin is right — When you feel down, remember that there’s a kind-hearted person in Seoul, Korea who understands you.

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