BTS’s Jin Just Gave J-Hope The Most Bizarre Birthday Present

Thanks to Jin, the birthday festivities have started early for BTS‘s J-Hope!

Not only did Jin give J-Hope his first birthday message days in advance, he also gave him some birthday presents that are totally his style! First, in typical “Strawberry Leader” fashion, he gifted J-Hope some of the delicious fruit.

I love you, Jin hyung🥰

— J-Hope

| @uarmyhope/Instagram


Showing off the goodies on his Instagram story, J-Hope then revealed the birthday cake Jin got him from Billy Angel Cake Company.


Faster than anyone, different from the others..

— J-Hope

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

It’s not just any cake, though! The “Variety Pack” cake features a bunch of different flavors and retails for around $57 USD (and yes, it’s already sold out!).

| Billy Angel Cake Company

Lastly, the most hilarious gift of all was also the most unexpected: A gold toilet brush!

A 🎁 that shines like his face

No worries about cleaning the toilet..

— J-Hope

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

The quirky collector’s piece from Alessi is on the expensive side, costing upwards of a few hundred dollars and varies depending on where it’s purchased.

| Alessi

To complete the series of gifts from Jin, J-Hope uploaded what looks like a screenshot of him opening Jin’s gift with the repetitive filter only adding to the mayhem.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Jin is definitely first when it comes to J-Hope’s birthday celebrations that haven’t even started yet!

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