BTS’s Jin Posts The Perfect Pictures For Valentine’s Day, And Even J-Hope Couldn’t Get Enough Of His Visuals


February 14 marks Valentine’s Day in many countries worldwide. Even in K-Pop, idols share their wishes with fans with photos, videos, and enough content to make anyone’s day marvelous, even if you’re single. In particular, idols have been sharing selfies that are not only swoon-worthy but are boyfriend or girlfriend goals.

Recently, one idol who has cemented his status as true “boyfriend goals” is BTS‘s Jin, and it seems as if it isn’t just ARMYs who think that.

BTS’s Jin

Since creating his Instagram account, Jin has treated ARMYs to an abundance of selfies and content, from trips to his uncle’s strawberry farm…

| @jin/ Instagram

To pictures with a shrimp that sent ARMYs all the way back to 2019.


| @jin/ Instagram


On February 14, Jin returned to Instagram with a special present for ARMYs. In his latest pictures, Jin seemed like the pure epitome of perfection, dressed in a white turtle neck jumper and blazer. His soft smile really emphasizes the reasons why Jin is known as “Worldwide Handsome.”

| @jin/ Instagram

| @jin/ Instagram

When the image was shared, ARMYs instantly fell in love with Jin’s visuals and thought it was the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day.

Yet, it wasn’t just ARMYs who thought Jin’s visuals were out of this world. When it comes to BTS members posting on Instagram, one person will always be quick to react and show support, and it’s none other than J-Hope!

Whether it’s sharing his love for the members or writing something funny, J-Hope has cemented his status as “King of Instagram.”

BTS’s J-Hope

Well, it seems like Jin’s latest post was no exception. It seemed like J-Hope liked the images in record time…

| @jin/ Instagram

But also shared the sweetest comment that had fans crying with love. Under the photo, J-Hope commented, “The Little Prince” with a cute emoji. At first, ARMYs thought it was Jin’s caption for the post but loved how it was a comment from J-Hope.

| @jin/ Instagram

For anyone unfamiliar with the reference, The Little Prince is a book written in the 1940s is about a pilot who has an emergency landing in the Sahara Desert and becomes friends with a young prince from outer space. Throughout the book, it showcases the message of innocence, the open-mindedness of children, and imagination.

“The Little Prince” animation | Cannes Film Festival

If the picture itself wasn’t enough to send ARMYs into meltdown, this comment by J-Hope, cementing the love for 2seok, was enough to drive them crazy.

Even the phrase “The Little Prince” started trending after the comment was made.

It isn’t the first time the duo’s friendship has been on show on Instagram. From taking over RM‘s Instagram for their own chat room, getting flirty over strawberries, or even trying to help each other to use the social media platform, 2seok are definitely #friendgoals.

You can read more about Jin and J-Hope’s friendship below.

BTS’s Jin And J-Hope Take Over RM’s Instagram For Their Own Personal Use


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