BTS’s Jungkook Trends Another Song After Sharing To His Instagram Story

The BTS members have been known to share their favorite songs to their social media platforms for as long as we remember. V likes to play his recommendations during his live broadcasts.

Fellow member Jungkook has also been pretty active on his personal Instagram as he’s been sharing quite a few of his favorite songs to his Instagram story for his 32.3 million followers to see!

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Just recently, Jungkook shared a song “It Takes Two” by fiji blue to his story.



Of course the song and fiji blue themselves gained the kind of attention one receives when getting a shoutout from one of the BTS members.

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It didn’t take long for “It Takes Two” and “Fiji Blue” to start trending at #2 and #4 on Korea’s Melon search engine following Jungkook’s story.

fiji blue then shared to their own Instagram story with gratitude for Jungkook sharing their song!

They then shared on their Twitter page that it had been a year since the song “It Takes Two” released.

They couldn’t believe the outpouring of love and support they got from ARMYs after Jungkook’s post!

“OH MY” is right!

fiji blue covered nearly all their bases as they pinned a comment of thanks to Jungkook to their “It Takes Two” music video on YouTube as well!

This wouldn’t be the first time Jungkook shared music to his story. Just the other day he shared a Jeremy Passion song that Melissa Polinar wrote, and she couldn’t believe the love that poured in!

We’re going to keep our eyes (and ears) out for more song recommendations by the Golden Maknae! Until then, read below for some other songs shared by Jungkook himself.

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