BTS’s Suga Gives A Savage Reality Check To A Young ARMY

Contrary to his name suggests, BTS‘s Suga will never sugarcoat the truth!

During a recent livestream, a soon-to-be 6th grader asked the members for advice on how to approach the new school year.

RM recalls how mature he felt by moving up to a higher floor of the school.


However, he realized things may be different for present-day middle schoolers. Born by the time he came to Seoul, he was shook by how young they actually are!


The year of 2010 [when new 6th graders were born] is when we, when I came to Gangnam to be a trainee!

— RM

Meanwhile, Jimin advised the young student to spend time making memories with friends.

The young ARMY may have thought their freedom was ending as the approach the mature grade…

…to which Suga gave them a little reality check!

Do you think being in the real world is going to be easy?

— Suga

The members immediately burst into laughter at Suga’s unexpectedly serious words.

Why are you so harsh? Why are you discouraging them? *LOL*

— Jimin

That’s just classic Suga for you!

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