BTS’s V Sent A Special Valentine’s Day Gift To ARMYs On A Radio Show, And It Was Truly Heartwarming

Valentine’s Day might be over, but it seems as if K-Pop fans are still feeling the love. Many people around the world spent it with their loved ones, while a lot of K-Pop fans spent it surrounded by friends and idols that mean so much to them.

One person who is always a top choice for idols that fans want to be their Valentine is BTS‘s V, and it seems as if he treated ARMYs on a special day.


Kim Eana is a regular host of a radio show on Starry Night, and she had a special program to celebrate Valentine’s Day with listeners.

Yet, when fans were looking at a photo on the show’s Instagram page, they noticed that someone had posted that V had requested a song on the show, and it was none other than Bruno Major‘s song “Nothing.”

| @starnight959/ Instagram


Although there was no real proof of what happened, a clip was shared by fans on February 15 with the actual audio from the show. During the show, Kim In A shared the message that V sent with the request, and it was sweet as ever.


Hello, I’m a boy in his 20s. I just thought since today is Valentine’s Day and I’ll request a song! I’ll come to listen to it from time to time. Please invite me later (to the show).

— BTS’s V

Of course, when the clip was released, fans couldn’t believe how thoughtful V was being on a day that was all about sharing love. For them, it felt like he was doing it for ARMYs to make them feel less lonely.

Yet, even host Kim Eana seemed shocked by seeing V’s request. After reading the message from V, she explained how surprising it was seeing his name on the list.

I am shaking a bit even as I am saying the name, and it’s Kim Taehyung-nim. Yes, Kim Taehyung-nim of BTS requested this song for his own listening pleasure.

— Kim Eana

She even added that the rest of the staff couldn’t believe it either, and it isn’t surprising considering how huge a deal it would be.

Though putting on this calm facade, my heart is pounding very much. Here, the production team is also putting on a calm demeanor. By the time I was reading ‘Please be sure to invite me later,’ everyone was boasting excited faces.

— Kim Eana

Host Kim Eana

Bruno Major is a British artist that V has shared love for in the past on his own Instagram account. In one of his stories, fans noticed that V was playing the track “Nothing” in the background…


Bruno Major even responded to the story. After seeing a screenshot of the story from an ARMY, he retweeted it with the caption, “The male singer then retweeted this tweet thus extending the metachain.”

As always, V showcased just how sweet he is, making sure that he treats ARMYs even when he doesn’t have to. He’s also once again promoting the music of underrated artists and shining a light on them for fans who might never have heard their music.

You can read more about V’s love of Bruno Major below.

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