BTS’s V Wished J-Hope A Happy Birthday, But ARMYs Found Something Interesting About His Use Of Emoji

February 18 marks a very special occasion in the calendar of ARMYs because it is none other than BTS J-Hope‘s birthday. As expected, the members have found different ways of wishing the group’s “Happy Virus” well wishes, whether through social media or by calling him.

BTS’s Jimin

Well, it seems like one member’s well wishes have caught the attention of fans and it is none other than V! Even though it was recently announced that he’d caught COVID-19, V has reassured fans that he’s okay and even treated J-Hope to a special birthday call during his live broadcast…


And J-Hope reassured fans that V and the rest of the members were all healthy.



Like the rest of the members, V also went on social media to share a message with J-Hope. At first, nobody knew who had posted the funny pictures of J-Hope but couldn’t get over how cute they were.


| @bts_twt/ Twitter

| @bts_twt/ Twitter

| @bts_twt/ Twitter

Luckily, after the photos were posted, another tweet was sent where member V confirmed it was him by saying, “I’m Taehyung,” with a cute little emoji next to it.

| @bts_twt/ Twitter

At first, ARMYs just thought it was cute and were happy to figure out who it was. Yet, afterward, ARMYs couldn’t help but notice something about the emoji that V had used, which was someone with blonde hair.

In particular, ARMYs realized that it’s the same emoji V has been using in many of his posts, including the recent ones on Weverse.

| Weverse

| Weverse

Of course, when ARMYs noticed this, there was only one thing on their mind: a comeback! BTS recently announced upcoming dates for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in Korea, and when this was first announced last December, there were also talks of a new album. 

Fans started to wonder whether this was a hint about that comeback because every K-Pop fan knows that a new comeback equals a new hair color fkoiror most idols. ARMYs think V might have been hinting that his hair is now blonde.

It could easily be the right assumption as J-Hope recently revealed on his birthday broadcast that Jimin had also had his hair done.

Of course, there is something about blonde V that just hits differently. Every time he’s had that hair color, it’s been enough to send fans into a frenzy because he always looks amazing.

Whether it means a comeback is coming soon, only time will tell. Hopefully, it isn’t long before everything is revealed, and we know whether all of these hints were actually linked to a comeback.

You can read more about V wishing J-Hope a happy birthday below.

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Source: VLIVE and @bts_twt

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