Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 10 Finest Filler Episodes

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has left an unforgettable legacy with its followers, who watch and rewatch its seven seasons and uncover new favourite episodes every time. But as is the case in most TV exhibits, Buffy has its fair proportion of filler episodes, or ones that will not have long-lasting penalties for his or her characters.

That is to not say that filler episodes are unhealthy or not price watching. The truth is, the alternative is usually true. Loads of episodes that includes different realities and surprising twists will be seen out of context from the present’s narrative, making them the right episodes to observe in or out of order, whether or not binging the entire sequence or reliving Buffy’s glory days.


Ted (Season 2, Episode 11)

Although it does not advance the plot, this episode addresses better concepts of the patriarchal determine largely absent from Buffy’s life. Joyce introduces Buffy to her new boyfriend, however Buffy rapidly feels that one thing is off with Ted. His old-school vocabulary and flippantly veiled misogyny rub Buffy the mistaken method till an incident on a mini golf course, wherein Ted threatens to slap her for dishonest. Issues escalate, and Buffy and Ted get right into a bodily altercation the place Ted falls down a flight of stairs.

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Buffy offers with each the repercussions of killing a human and her mom’s grief, however quickly finds Ted alive and ready for her. Probably the most memorable a part of the episode—apart from Ted’s high-level creep issue because the “good man” kind—is his secret bunker, wherein Xander and Willow uncover that he was an inventor within the Fifties that created a robotic model of himself that kidnapped and killed his estranged spouse, and three extra wives earlier than assembly Joyce, in one of many present’s wildest one-off character backstories.

The Want (Season 3, Episode 9)

Vampire Willow and Xander with Buffy in The Wish, BTVS

When Buffy by accident embarrasses Cordelia, she tells Anya, an undercover vengeance demon, that she needs Buffy by no means got here to Sunnydale. This creates an alternate actuality wherein the city is run by vampires, together with Xander and Willow. Giles works with a ragtag group of vampire hunters, and the Hellmouth is out an of management and demon-infested.

Earlier than Cordelia can clue Giles and the others into what occurred, she is killed. Nonetheless, Giles acknowledges the ability of the amulet Anyanka gave her. A lot of the primary characters are killed in ensuing battles, however Giles summons Anyanka and crushes the amulet, stripping her of her demonic powers and restoring all the pieces to the best way it was.

The Zeppo (Season 3, Episode 13)

Zombies in The Zepp, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Xander befriends a bunch of fellows who use him for his new automotive, solely to search out out that they’re zombies. The episode is crammed with moments of comedic aid and a few of Xander’s funniest traces, as he walks a lonely path after his breakup with Cordelia and hookups with Willow.

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Although Xander is not concerned with the apocalypse-focused motion of the episode, he has his palms full not getting killed and resurrected by his new zombie gang. And although Xander succeeds and proves to himself that he can maintain his personal on the Hellmouth, he does not brag about his accomplishments, which signifies at the least a little bit of character growth, even when the episode’s occasions are pretty inconsequential narratively.

A New Man (Season 4, Episode 12)

Split screen of Giles as a human and demon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Giles begins to really feel ignored when he’s the final to study concerning the Initiative, the faculty’s demon-fighting coalition headed up by Buffy’s boyfriend and professor Walsh, who stirs the pot in her first-ever dialog with Giles by asserting that Buffy does not have a father determine in her life. When Giles encounters an previous acquaintance within the cemetery and is satisfied to go for a drink, he wakes up the following morning as a demon.

After a jaunt round city with Spike, who acknowledges him, Giles terrorizes Professor Walsh for the enjoyable of it and seeks revenge on Ethan Payne. General, Anthony Stewart Head’s efficiency on this episode is a knock-out, portraying a fancy array of feelings solely by way of his eyes, gibberish, and below kilos of prosthetic make-up.

Celebrity (Season 4, Episode 16)

Split image of Jonathan singing and Jonathan's book on Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This episode slips so seamlessly into its alternate actuality the viewer is not instantly clued into the truth that Jonathan—an solely semi-likable Buffy aspect character—has grow to be well-known and beloved. Jonathan is the vampire slaying skilled as a substitute of Buffy, however he present’s narrative arc continues, and nothing a lot adjustments till a mysterious demon seems. The gang slowly realizes that Jonathan has the identical mark because the demon and questions his affect.

This episode has some hilarious bits, together with Jonathan starring in “The Matrix,” singing at The Bronze, and giving each Buffy and Riley relationship recommendation. An particularly memorable second happens when the world is restored, and Buffy calls Jonathan’s title in an intimate second with Riley as a joke.

Triangle (Season 5, Episode 11)

Willow and Anya start to butt heads over their relationships with Xander within the Magic Store, by accident releasing a troll within the course of. Olaf is a foolish addition to Buffy’s catalog of monsters, particularly contemplating his former romantic relationship with Anya pre-Buffy, which incorporates cringe-worthy particulars, and that he enters The Bronze declaring his need to drink ale and eat infants.

Spike practices his romantic pitch on his Buffy model, however finally ends up beating it with a field of sweets. Willow assures Anya that she is not any risk to her and Xander’s relationship, saying, “Hi there, homosexual now!” Although it is entertaining, this episode is inconsequential within the bigger Glory villain arc, with solely occasional mentions of analysis and Daybreak as “the Key.”

Life Serial (Season 6, Episode 5)

Buffy in a hard hat in Life Serial, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Jonathan, Warren, and Andrew sabotage Buffy to determine her weaknesses. Buffy, struggling together with her future, audits Willow and Tara’s courses, which she does not perceive (although Warren’s fast-forwarding machine actually does not assist). Buffy spends a day engaged on Xander’s building web site, however when she defends the employees towards monsters, it bruises their masculinity and makes a multitude of the location, so Xander has to fireside her. The Magic Field is Buffy’s final effort, however issues are lower than ultimate in customer support.

It may be tough to evaluate Buffy’s finest choices in season 6 and seven, however this episode’s outdoors interference in her life, although its finally negligible, makes issues much more sophisticated.

Gone (Season 6, Episode 11)

Buffy in Gone, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A social employee visits the Summers’ dwelling and questions Buffy’s health as Daybreak’s caretaker. Due to this, Buffy decides she must develop up, reducing her hair quick, then going to the salon to get it fastened. Sadly, Warren’s gang by accident shoot Buffy with an invisibility gun. She quickly she takes benefit of her invisibility, sabotaging the social employee at her job and having intercourse with Spike.

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Buffy finally faces Jonathan’s invisible gang and uncovers her tormenters’ identities. This episode is filler just because the viewer is already conscious of the trio’s id, and the primary characters solely proceed to battle with their prior considerations.

Regular Once more (Season 6, Episode 17)

Buffy and Joyce, in Normal Again, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“Regular Once more” is an interesting tackle the concept of created realities as a symptom of psychological sickness. Buffy begins slipping right into a actuality the place she’s in an insane asylum the place her dad and mom go to her collectively, as if her father had by no means left and her mom was nonetheless alive.

Although Buffy phases out and in of this different actuality, the physician tells her that she has constructed Sunnydale in her head over the previous six years, and instructs her to remove this alternate actuality by killing everybody in it. Buffy’s household collectively and comfortable, even within the worst of circumstances, makes this one of many saddest episodes of Buffy, regardless of its disconnection from actuality.

Him (Season 7, Episode 6)

Dawn dancing in Him, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Daybreak is in her hormonal years, so her newfound infatuation with soccer participant R.J. is appears logical. However when she pushes one other participant down the steps so R.J. can play within the subsequent recreation, the gang worries that she is growing an unhealthy obsession.

Buffy talks to R.J. in school, however rapidly falls in love with him. She is prepared to kill the college principal who disciplined R.J., Willow concocts a spell to show him into a lady, Daybreak lays down on railroad tracks, and Anya robs a financial institution for him. Finally, Buffy saves Daybreak, proving that her love for her sister is stronger than any spell (or enchanted piece of clothes).

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