Byul Diagnosed With COVID-19 Just As Husband HaHa Recovers

Just after her husband HaHa was finally released from quarantine, Byul has tested positive for COVID-19.

On February 23, both Byul and her agency Quan Entertainment announced that she had been diagnosed with the virus. The agency also stated that HaHa, who went into isolation earlier this month after testing positive for COVID-19 on February 12, had fully recovered and that his quarantine restrictions had been lifted.

Quan Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is Quan Entertainment.

We are informing you that our artist Byul has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

On the morning of February 22, Byul used a self-test kit in order to participate in a scheduled activity, and her result was positive. She then underwent PCR testing, and on the night of February 22, her test results came back positive.


Byul previously received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and she has currently halted all promotions and is focusing on her treatment and recovery while adhering to the guidelines of government health authorities.


Additionally, after being diagnosed with COVID-19 on February 12, HaHa focused on his treatment in quarantine, and once the government health authorities deemed that he was no longer at risk of spreading the virus, his quarantine was lifted, and he has since returned to his everyday life.

Our agency will continue to adhere to disease control guidelines and do our utmost for everyone’s health and safety, including that of our artists.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, Byul took to Instagram to personally share the news with her followers, writing, “I have news that is both sad and funny. Just when I thought my #QuarantineLife was finally over, I have to start it again… [COVID-19] has done the rounds on our family, and as of yesterday, I too have tested positive. Still, I guess you could sort of see it as a relief that I was able to take care of my sick family first and then become the last patient…”

Explaining that their children had also caught COVID-19 at different times, she added, “Fortunately, though, the kids were able to get better quickly after only suffering mild cold symptoms, so please don’t worry too much. I’ll recover quickly and greet you again in good health!!”

Wishing Byul a speedy recovery!

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