Café Kilimanjaro (2020) Xast & Summary

“Café Kilimanjaro” is a music web drama.

Kwon HyunBin (VIINI) is the lead actor of this music drama. He has been active with many activities and in 2020, he has been acting in quite a lot of web dramas including “The World of My 17” and “Hanging On”.

Former SONAMOO’s (Kim) NaHyun is the lead actress. She already acted before such as in the web drama “The Miracle”.

JxR’s Baek Jin who appeared in “Produce X 101” and debuted in the duo JxR with Park YuRi. He is now debuting as an actor and has a supporting role in “Café Kilimanjaro”.

The web drama is available on YouTube here, it is not sure yet if they will provide English subtitles.

Café Kilimanjaro (2020)

"Café Kilimanjaro" (2020 Web Drama): Cast & Summary


  • Title: Café Kilimanjaro / Cafe killimanjaro / Cafe 킬리만자로
  • Director: –
  • Writer: –
  • NetworkMinContents YouTube Channel
  • Runtime: From August 13
  • Genre: Music, romance, youth
  • # of Episodes: 10
  • Language: Korean


“Café Kilimanjaro” tells the story happening between an inexperienced café owner and band members of the group called Leopard.


Kwon HyunBin (VIINI ) as Yoon SanHa

The main vocal of Leopard. He is a easily jealous.

Former SONAMOO ‘s (Kim) NaHyun as Song TamMi

She is the boss of Café Kilimanjaro and has a lot of charisma.

TRIPLEME’s (Choi) SiHun as Nam JiHo

The leader and drummer of Leopard.

TRIPLEME’s (Park) ChanKyu as Park JaeYoung

He is the handsome bassist of Leopard.

JxR’s Baek Jin as Min Chan

The cute guitarist of Leopard.


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