Cafe Midnight Season 3 (2021) Cast & Summary

“Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker” is a fantasy healing web drama awaited by many NCTzens.

The drama is the third season of the drama “Midnight Cafe” which tells the stories that happen at a cafe located in Busan that does not appear on the map.

NCT’s DoYoung is debuting as an actor as the lead actor in this drama. Many are looking forward to it.

The lead actress is Kim InYi (also written as Kim InI). She is a rookie actress who debuted this year in the web drama “The Female friend Among Guys” from CheezeFilm. The web drama had quite a lot of views.

“Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker” (2021)


  • Title: The Curious Stalker / Simyakape-sanboksanbok seutokeo / 심야카페-산복산복 스토커
  • Director: Jung YoonSoo
  • Writer: –
  • Network: MBC dramanet x Seezn
  • Runtime: From Feb. 18
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Growth
  • # of Episodes: 4
  • Language: Korean


It is a healing fantasy story about the growth and healing of a high school student who sees the future.


NCT ‘s DoYoung as Son JiWoo

JiWoo is a high school student of 18-year-old who sees the future.

He is perfect from his personality to his grades. He will grow as he will have confused feelings in between his fluttering heart for his female friend and his mother who is losing her memory.

Kim InYi as Sun Min

Sun Min is a pretty and bright high school student. She was selected as an idol trainee so she is getting ready to leave for Seoul. She is not hiding her love for her guy friend JiWoo.

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