Captain America 4 Producer Teases Captain America: Civil War Connection In The Film

Steve Rogers’s legacy lives on…As Sam Wilson will take on his mantle in the MCU. Anthony Mackie will star in his first solo film as Captain America which is called Captain America: New World Order. In this new film, The Leader will play the antagonist.

For those of you who don’t know Tim Blake Nelson played the role of Samuel Stern a.k.a The Leader in The Incredible Hulk film 2008. Other than that Harrison Ford as General Ross will also be a part of the film. Previously the role was played by William Hurt who died due to prostate cancer.

We all know General Ross was the one who put Steve Rogers’s team behind the bars in Civil War. The reason behind it was that the team was against the Sokovia Accords and violated them. But by the end of the film, Steve Rogers manages to break them out of it. But will the new film Captain America 4 has a connection to Civil War? Let’s find out below.

Captain America 4 Plot To Have A Civil War Reference?

In a recent interview with Collider, Nate Moore producer of Captain America 4 revealed whether the new film will have any reference to the old one. Nate says that Sam Wilson now will make his own team with Tim Blake returning as the antagonist. He thinks the return of him is “fantastic” and Tim is the “best”.

Nate adds that there are going to be some “natural sparks” between Sam Wilson & Thunderbolt Ross. As the General put him in the prison for not following the Sokovia Accords. Further, he teases ” it’s going to be really fun.”


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